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Rory Gilmore, Will You Marry Me?
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Lorelai and Sookie are walking through Stars Hollow on the way to Westin's. Apparently, Lorelai made the mistake of telling Emily how much Rory enjoyed the raspberry chocolate cake from Westin's, and Emily tasked her with bringing one to the reception the Grandparents are holding for Rory. Are you bored yet? Me, too. You know, as much as they talk about Westin's on this show, you'd think something interesting would happen there sometime. The only thing interesting that happens in this scene, though, is that Lorelai talks about how they're going in there to pick up the cake...and then they don't pick it up. She's distracted, I guess, trying to remember all the other stuff she needs to pick up for the big event and, of course, by the whole weirdness of Logan asking for her permission to propose to Rory. "He can ask her anything he wants," she says, wondering if, in history, any parent had ever not given permission. "I mean," she adds, "I think she's too young to get married." She says she knows Logan asked her out of respect, but that what's not respectful is that he subsequently has not done it and, now, every time the phone rings, she expects it to be Rory, calling with the big news.

On top of everything, she adds, much to Sookie's delight, there's the whole "Luke thing." Sookie flips, so happy to hear her say that a "Luke thing" does indeed exist. "I don't know, Sookie," Lorelai says. "I can't figure out what happened. Clearly, something came up when I sang that song." Sookie: "Clearly." Lorelai says that she's not sure, however, if this is a new Luke thing, or a residual Luke thing from the old days, and that maybe these feelings she had were a result of the drinks and the song and the hat. "Well," Sookie agrees, "it was a deadly cocktail." For what it's worth, Sookie says, she thinks Lorelai's feelings are brand-new feelings for Luke. "I mean, the way you were singing to him..." she says, romance in her voice. Lorelai points out that Sookie was not even there to hear the singing. "I know," Sookie says. "But I had enough people describe it to me." Lorelai groans at the thought of the town gossiping about her. "We're just all excited," Sookie says, "about the possibility of you and Luke!" Yes, yes. We ARE all excited. And make it good, Rosenthal, or may ten thousand squeeing TWoP forum posters eternally haunt your dreams like banshees.

Lorelai says she knows all this rooting for her and Luke is coming from a good place, but she needs to make sure she knows what she wants, for real, and she needs Sookie to help keep everyone off her back. Sookie promises, with one caveat: "But, for the future," she says, "the next time you want other people to stay out of your relationship..." Lorelai: "Don't serenade your ex in front of the whole town?" Sookie's eyes light up. "You called it a serenade!" Hee. I am really going to miss Melissa McCarthy. I think she's brilliantly cute. This damn show! I can't believe there's only one more.

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