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When the release all of the seasons of this show on DVD and you have the entire collection, will there ever be a moment in your life -- one single moment -- where you will think of this episode ever again? I think not. Here we go.

Lorelai enters her kitchen to find Luke hard at work, cooking her breakfast. For the record, they both change into their entire outfits before wandering downstairs, a huge opposite to the uniform requirements around this house. We're lucky if we get the pajamas off by dinner. Lorelai doesn't understand where the food, bowls, pans, or cooking utensils came from. It's a wonder Rory doesn't have scurvy. Luke bought the food at the market, Lorelai already had the pots and pans, and he brought his own spatula from home. Luke's an early riser. He tells Lorelai that her coffee should be ready in a minute. It's hard to believe Lorelai's coffee maker wouldn't have the function where you can take the pot out at any time. I settle for nothing less from my machine. That's like only taking an IV of fluids once you're completely dehydrated. It's not like that at all. Man. This is the difference when I start recapping early in the morning on my second cup of coffee, like I usually do, or tonight, when it's very late, I've already worked all day and watched some presidential debates, and am now trying to use my anxious energy for good by knocking more work out of the way because I'm trying to make a living and need to work four jobs to do so, and I don't even have kids, and I'm drinking tea instead of coffee because eventually I'll have to fall asleep, even though I might not for a while because I'm all riled up about this election. I mean, how are there undecided voters? Why is this such a close race? How? I don't understand. How can anybody be happy with the way things are going now, how we're viewed in the world and what is happening to the majority of Americans, from their take-home pay to the troops at war, to the price of health care. How can anybody think that we need another four years of this to see where it's all going to pan out? How can that be a solution? It's like staying with a husband who beats you, because he tells you how much he loves you and it's for your own good, because if you just listened to him and did what he said, he wouldn't have to beat you so hard (notice how he didn't say he'd stop beating you?). Oh, and that husband hates your gay friends. Thinks they're evil to the core. And he kind of hates your black friends, too. He does like your Hispanic friends; they do great work around his house. He wants them to go back to Mexico when they're done cleaning up, though. Don't want them getting comfortable with our way of life. Usually there's no need to have a politics discussion during an episode of Gilmore Girls, but as they brought it up first with the entire townie subplot, obviously the show was hoping to bring up the fact that people can change their leader if they don't like the way they're being led. Or "gettin' leaded," as our Commander-in-Chief might so eloquently put it. Okay. Tea is ready, nerves still jangly, but I'm going to keep recapping and pretend that there's only this sweet little cup of white tea and in my bedroom closet there's all of Lorelai's wardrobe…because I still have a savings account due to the fact that I've got healthcare provided by my employer who didn't phase out all of my computer jobs and leave me completely unemployed and working for three hundred dollars in cash under the table as an assistant (read: maid) for a rich Hollywood lady who had me search her thong drawer for cold sore cream and overnight it to New York because she was too scared of terrorists to walk down the street to the drug store. But, hey. What do I know? I voted for Gore. You like how we're doing, then vote accordingly. I'll see you at Payless buying shoes for my wedding.

I'm just going to start a new paragraph and pretend I've recapped more than thirty seconds of the episode so far. Last thing: Please vote. Please, please vote. Please don't let other people decide for you the most important face attached to this nation. Please. Young people, women, and the most intelligent men on the planet: you are the fans of this show and the readers of my recaps. Don't neglect your most fundamental and important right in this country. Don't let anyone silence your opinion.

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