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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Luke's. A very weathered, beaten, exhausted Kirk wanders into the diner. Luke asks him if he wants something. "Why?" Kirk asks. Luke says that people usually get things when they're in the diner. Kirk whines that he's been up for a day and a half, something he hasn't done since the Petticoat Junction marathon in '97. Taylor walks in and orders a turkey sandwich. Kirk shouts that they're going to find those last twelve eggs. Taylor ignores Kirk and pays Luke, saying he'll wait outside for the order. Oh, it's so sad, isn't it? Their first real lovers' spat. Taylor shouts at Kirk that he's had enough: "You're not satisfied that I'm suffering for what you've done to this town. You have to personally continue to torture me?" Ain't love grand? Kirk whimpers that they'll find the twelve. "We won't find the twelve," says Taylor. "You have brought disaster down upon us. Are you happy?" Kirk: "No." Taylor says he left Kirk in charge because he thought he could trust Kirk, but now Taylor will have to cancel the flower show. This is too much for Kirk. Taylor says that they have to find every last egg in order not to have to cancel the flower show, and Joe just left for Kabbalah class. "I have no men left," says Taylor. Kirk: "You have me left." Taylor stares at Kirk and repeats, "I have no men left." Taylor leaves, saying he's lost his appetite. Luke watches all of this from behind the counter, and sees the devastated look on Kirk's face.

Emily's, out back. Lorelai and Rory enter. Emily asks if it's too cold. It's not. Richard and Emily are fretting over everything, making sure it's perfect before Floyd shows up. Digger tells Lorelai that they keep moving everything around: the drink cart, the heater, Digger. He says he was over there earlier: "It's like watching an ant farm." Lorelai says that everything looks great. Emily asks where that "awful light" is coming from. Rory says she thinks it's the moon. Emily realizes that the moon will move on its own at some point. She tells Lorelai that she looks nice: "Why do you look so nice?" Lorelai says she knew this evening was important to them. Doorbell. Emily leaves, calling to Richard. Rory tells Lorelai that she does look especially nice tonight. Lorelai says it's not like she's always in dirty sweats, fresh from slopping the pigs. Rory says Lorelai's without her usual just-came-from-work look. Digger tells Rory that Lorelai's a little nervous. Rory realizes that they're meeting the parents tonight: "That's why you showered." Lorelai says that's not why she showered.

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