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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Lane's cameo. Don't blink! She and Rory walk through the square as Lane lectures. She says that there was once a Death to Disco movement, and that it's high time to have another one of those movements for some popular music of today, like "phony rappers, most techno, alt country, Christian rock, anything fusion, classic alternative rock when they only play the same Nirvana song over and over. The Rubens. The Clays. The Clarksons." Lane then explains AGAIN why everybody's searching for Easter eggs. Rory can't believe they didn't make a map. What good is her subscription to the Stars Hollow Gazette, anyway?

Kirk, Taylor, and Joe walk past. Kirk tells Taylor that they found three more eggs. Taylor wants Joe to give him the report. Joe says that they found three more. Taylor says that more than half the eggs are still missing, and that people are giving up every minute. They find Jackson and Gypsy getting some eggs down from a tree. Kirk says, "The others I hid for the delight of the children. These I hid for me." Taylor says they're losing men and -- "Hair!" Gypsy and Jackson cheer. "Time," says Taylor. But Jackson and Gypsy are busy shouting "Jinx!" at each other. Taylor stomps off, missing the Caribbean.

Doose's Market. Lane and Rory shop. Rory asks what they're looking for. Lane says that she and her roommates don't have a fridge, stove, or microwave, so they can't get anything perishable or that needs to be cooked. Is Rory buying Lane groceries? Also: can't someone give poor Lane a microwave? Damn. Also also: why doesn't Rory stay at Lane's at least once in her life? Doose's Market must be arranged alphabetically, because the girls then get protein bars, pretzels, and Pop Tarts. Rory tells Lane about CuteDean's visit to her place (when he pawned off that bookcase on her in the process). Rory says that Dean's wasting his life, and that he can do so much more. Rory says she's really more upset with Lindsay for being so selfish. "Women," Lane grunts. Rory: "She's his wife. She should be encouraging him to go to school and think about his future, but no! She needs a townhouse and a Rolls Royce." They need a place to live, Rory. And if they buy something in the Connecticut real estate market when they're that young, old Dean's not going to have to work construction for much longer. The only people I know who are wealthy in Connecticut build houses in Connecticut and then sell them to people. For lots and lots and lots of money. Rory and Lane continue walking down the aisle as Rory complains that Dean didn't even seem excited about it. "It's just Lindsay," she snots. "I mean, why doesn't she get a job? What does she do all day?" Apparently, what she does is go grocery shopping for her hardworking husband, because when Rory and Lane turn a corner, they're standing face to face with the tallest blonde in Stars Hollow. She stares at Rory for a second, and then turns and leaves. Rory quietly asks Lane if she thinks Lindsay heard her. Damn, no catfight.

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