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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Cut to Emily's, where Digger, Emily, and Richard are excitedly discussing the dinner while Richard and Digger make themselves sandwiches. Emily wants all of the details. Digger thinks Floyd's friendliness is a very good sign. Richard and Digger recap how the deal went down, so impressed with Floyd's style. Emily realizes that with Lorelai, Rory, Digger, Floyd, his wife, Richard, and herself, there's an uneven table. She says she'll work around that. "Floyd wants peace," says Richard. "So it seems," Digger agrees. And if you were paying attention, that's the first time in that house someone made his or her own food.

CuteDean surprises Rory at her dorm. He stands in the doorway like Superman. "Surprise!" he says. He hauls in the bookcase. Rory sees Glenn struggling on the staircase, trying with all his might to haul a keg upstairs. CuteDean offers to help, but Rory knows that the beer tastes sweeter if you did the work yourself. She says there's a good party Friday night, and that's what the beer must be for. CuteDean asks her if she's going, looking like he's hoping for an invite. Rory has two papers (and dinner at Emily's), so she's going to catch a "brewski" in Stars Hollow. That's a dry county, if I've ever seen one. CuteDean laughs at Rory's joke, so impressed with her...who knows why he still likes her after all this time.

In Rory's room, CuteDean tells Rory the story of the bookcase. Not only did it not fit at the Dragonfly, it doesn't fit here, either. Rory watches CuteDean look around. He realizes that the dorm room is small. He asks why Lorelai would have suggested this place. Rory says that Lorelai knew her daughter had books, and that's about where the thought process stopped. Maybe that common area has some room. Emily certainly found places for all kinds of furniture. CuteDean says he'll take back the bookcase. Rory apologizes for his making the trip. CuteDean says it was great to see where she lived. Quiet moment. Rory asks CuteDean if he's on his way back to school (Yeah, I thought it was Saturday, too). CuteDean admits that he's kind of not going to school these days, taking a semester or two off to earn extra money. "Extra money for what?" asks Little Miss Nosy. CuteDean tells her he needs it for "life." He adds, "Things." Rory asks what kind of things he needs. Why, Rory -- are you going to have your grandparents buy whatever it is for him, like you do? CuteDean says that Lindsay has her heart set on having a townhouse by the end of the year. CuteDean says that they're cramped where they live now, so he thinks it's a good idea. Rory makes a pissy face and says, "I don't." I can't even imagine Rory, who doesn't want to make waves with even the most evil of people, would get all up in CuteDean's business here. She never even got involved in Jess's family dramas, and now here she is telling CuteDean how to run his marriage. It's out of character, but it's forgiven in order to have these two actually doing something this season. And what they do here is fight. Loud and long, about how Rory thinks it's a horrible idea because people who drop out usually don't go back to school. CuteDean says he'll go back. "I hope so," Rory says, all sanctimoniously. "Have some faith, will you?" CuteDean asks. Rory says that this is a mistake. CuteDean says that he's married, and that he has responsibilities: "I need the money!" Rory asks if the townhouse can wait. CuteDean yells at Rory to lighten up, which isn't really the right line here, but fine. Rory says again that this is a bad idea. CuteDean says that graduating from college doesn't guarantee you a job anymore. Well.... Rory can't believe that CuteDean's not going to go back to college, but would rather work in construction. CuteDean asks Rory if she's getting all elitist on him now. Rory says that they're friends, and that means she should be able to get all up in his business. "You should go to school," Rory says with a bit of a laugh, which is so condescending. CuteDean says she's now told him that three times: "I get it. You don't need to tell me again. Okay?" They stand there quietly for a little while. CuteDean takes the bookcase and leaves. La, la, la, la, la, la, la!

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