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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Taylor's shoppe. An elderly woman compliments Taylor on his healthy glow. He says it's from his Caribbean cruise. She says it's probably just the fake hair. Kirk has entered the shoppe, looking uncomfortable. Taylor asks what's wrong. Kirk accidentally touches the candy. Taylor is irritated, and tells Kirk to get to the point. The point is: it's eggs. The smell. Kirk hid the Easter eggs, but not all of them were found, and the smell is probably eggs rotting because Kirk didn't make the egg map -- the apparently legendary egg map that tells where all of the eggs are hidden, and so there are fifty-nine rotting eggs still hidden in the square. Taylor is livid. "I find your hair very believable," Kirk says as he follows Taylor out of the store.

What's funny about this swooping golf shot here is that the first time I saw it I thought, "Why are they making such an obvious camera move here so that I think about how this scene was filmed? Why such swooping and pushing in with drama just to show Richard teeing off?" In about forty-five minutes, there will be an answer to that. Digger compliments Richard's shot. When Bob comes up to agree, for a second I think that Dan Castellaneta is playing the role. But it's not, it's just a look-alike. Bob couldn't possibly have a trophy wife with those clothes. If there's one thing a trophy wife does, it's shop and dress her husband. Two things. Homeboy's wearing a sweater that looks like a Q-Bert puzzle with a very pink collared shirt underneath. The CuteDean-looking caddie makes a club recommendation to Digger, who plays golf about as well as I do. (I've never played.) Digger asks for whatever club is going to make him look less like Dorf. Bob tells Richard that his wife is very excited about the merger. Digger swings and completely misses. Richard and Bob laugh loudly as Digger stands there, trying to have a shred of dignity. Richard says it's hard to know whether Digger should yell "fore" or "duck." Digger wishes businessmen did deals over air hockey, because he's great at that. Floyd, Digger's father, rounds the hill and walks over to the men. "One of the many hazards on this golf course," Digger notes. Floyd shakes Digger's hand and says that the groundskeeper must be unhappy to see him today. Digger agrees he produces a lot of divots. Floyd pulls Richard away. I know everybody thinks women talk in strange circles, but businessmen are much weirder. Floyd asks Richard about Emily, and the men agree that their wives used to be such great friends, so it would be great if they all got together for dinner again, even Digger, so that the women could catch up, and it'd be great if it was this Friday night, when Emily hosts it. Ah, the impromptu dinner party. They may have stopped teaching us how to handle this in high school, but it might be nice to have it as an elective in college. Because these days the impromptu dinner party guests include one vegan, one allergic to shellfish, two who hate onions, and one who doesn't like "weird foods." Floyd leaves, and Richard is giddy to find out that Floyd wants to mend fences.

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