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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Dragonfly. Lorelai and Sookie are making Michel and CuteDean carry a bookcase around the lobby, trying to fit it in a spot. It's too big, much to the amusement of GrumpyTom, who didn't have this particular item cleared through him. Michel is furious that he's hurting his cuticles hauling this piece of wood back and forth, but CuteDean takes all the heavy lifting in stride. Michel asks Lorelai if she has any other places she'd like them to carry the bookcase: "Maybe to the Lincoln Memorial, in his giant lap?" The delivery is awesome, and it's one of those lines that keeps me giggling long after it's been said. Michel quits when they suggest moving it by the front desk, so CuteDean carries it all by himself. CuteDean's hair has reached mushroom proportions, and somebody has to be fired because of it. Seriously. The kid's cute. Quit making him look like he can't read. Lorelai decides to send her thousand-dollar bookcase over to Rory at Yale. Because dorm rooms are so spacious. Enter Lindsay, who is so peripheral that they always have to go, "Hey, Lindsay!" every time she's in a scene so we know who the tall blonde is, and don't mistake her for Janet. Lindsay asks Michel if he's okay, since he's standing funny. Michel explains that this is how you stand in the pants he's wearing. I love Michel. CuteDean gives Lindsay some keys, and they flirt by the staircase as Lorelai and Sookie gush over how perfect they are for each other -- how they "float" around each other. Michel pouts that the Deans of the world always get the Lindsays, and that the "pretty little things" end up lifting bookcases. Michel has a bit of a freak-out over the bookcase, wishing it had never been born. GrumpyTom says that if the bookcase had been ordered through him, Michel wouldn't be experiencing this psychological trauma.

Friday-night dinner. There is no need for me to transcribe verbatim this incredibly long rant Lorelai goes on at the top of this scene. Just know that Lorelai wonders where all the anvils are -- the anvils that were apparently so common in the old days that they put them into cartoons as punchlines. How have they all just disappeared? When Richard suggests that they have all been melted down, Lorelai reminds him that the entire point of anvils was that they withstood melting-point temperatures. Emily says that this is easily the most pointless conversation they've ever had. And there've been two minutes too much of it. The point is, we've been complaining all season that nothing has happened. "Where are all the anvils?" we might have been asking. We're about to find out where they've been suspended for seventeen episodes. Richard says that he and Digger have big news. "You're pregnant?" Lorelai asks. Richard doesn't even take a breath to acknowledge her guess. He says that they're acquiring a company. It's a one-man operation run by someone named Bob Sutton. They're acquiring his company, which is him. "Did he have to give himself two weeks' notice?" Lorelai asks. "Is there going to be a sad little going-away party where he brings in his own cake and blows out his own candles?" Richard says that they're having a dinner the next day, with the wives. Emily groans that Bob's fine, but that she hates his trophy wife: "Her car looks just like Barbie's!" Richard tells Emily to focus on Bob, because he's brilliant. He's a Rhodes Scholar. "Ask him where the anvils went!" Lorelai beams. Everybody gives Lorelai that look.

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