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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Richard looks at the moon. Emily joins him. She asks if it's true that he put his pension up as collateral. "Are we in trouble?" she asks. Richard smiles that it's going to work out: "It'll be okay." Emily asks if he talked with Digger. "It's going to be okay," he repeats, and hands her a drink. They look at the moon as a John Waters-worthy song begins doo-wopping in the background.

Digger and Lorelai play drunken charades by the enormous vodka bottle. Digger says he's sleepy. Lorelai says that Floyd was terrific until the end. They say it's like falling to your death -- it's fun until the last foot. Digger says that the bright side is that their relationship is out in the open. They toast to no more hiding. Digger says he'll work his magic and everything will be fine: "He and I are going golfing in a couple of days. That always puts him in a good mood." Lorelai sees Digger's dead plant. "How did it die so quickly?" she asks. Digger suggests it might have been self-inflicted. She asks Digger if he's okay: "Am I being enough supportive? Reverse those last two words." Digger says that Floyd's attempt to destroy him has been the first time he's ever gotten any real respect from his father. Lorelai: "Hmm. Cool. Clink." They drink.

Remember that swooping golf shot of Richard taking a swing? Here it is again. But instead of Digger joining his side to complement his shot, this time it's Floyd. "You've always been a closer," says Floyd. Richard asks if they're done with the broad strokes. "I believe so," says Floyd. "I'll drop the lawsuit." Richard says they'll split the clients evenly. Floyd: "You'll come back to the firm. Have your own company under our umbrella." Richard: "And Jason is out." Floyd: "Jason's out. You'll be returning a hero, Richard." Richard says that's music to his ears. He and Floyd walk through the grass as Floyd says that it's a beautiful day today. Richard agrees. They walk off together, and we're left with the sound of chirping birds as we fade to black. So the real question is, when was this scheme cooked up?

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