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Easter Eggs And Anvils

Lorelai is trying to get her car out of the driveway. Digger says he's got the largest bottle of vodka known to man at his place. "But what will you drink?" Lorelai asks. "Gin," Digger answers. Lorelai: "Let's go."

Stars Hollow. Kirk is in a daze, saying, "Gotta get the eggs," over and over again. He's bumping into other townies, causing a scene, scaring old ladies who scare him in return. Kirk's a mess. He falls to the ground. Luke walks up. Kirk says that the flower show is tomorrow and he can't find the last twelve eggs. He let Taylor down -- Taylor, who is like a father to him: "I think he is my father." Luke says he's not. "No, my father's my father," says Kirk. "Which means Taylor's my Taylor." He cries that he let Taylor and the whole town down. Luke drops a baggie full of rotten Easter eggs on the ground: "You picked some screwy places to hide them. Don't do it again." Luke tells Kirk to take the credit for finding the eggs: "Be the hero." Luke walks away as Kirk finds his feet, thanking Luke louder and louder. "I love you, Luke Danes! I love you!" Luke says to himself, "I'm stupid." Kirk keeps shouting his love for Luke, loud and proud, all over the square. "I love Luke Danes! Love! Love!"

Rory is on the longest drive through Stars Hollow ever, listening to "Windy." CuteDean comes running out of an alley, stopping Rory to go, "Come on." Rory just abandons her car. What a weirdly directed scene, from the song to the randomness of CuteDean wandering alleys.

In the alley, CuteDean and Rory run for a bit, for no reason. CuteDean says he was trying to call her cell phone. He's really sorry about their fight: "I was a jerk at your dorm. I yelled." Rory says she's the jerk, and that she shouldn't have hounded him about school like that: "It all came out wrong. It's your life. It's your decision." They argue over who's the asshole. Rory says she thinks school is the best for him, but admits, "It's not up to me." She says she doesn't want him to settle. CuteDean says that sometimes it seems like she's the only one who doesn't want that. Rory says that Lindsay may have overheard her saying stuff at Doose's. CuteDean says that she did. Rory says that Lindsay must have been really upset. CuteDean admits, "Kind of." Rory asks whether Lindsay knows Rory and CuteDean still talk, that they're friends. "She does now," CuteDean says. "She doesn't want me talking to you anymore." Rory says she understands that. "I don't want that to happen," says CuteDean. Rory says she doesn't, either. "Then it's not going to happen," says CuteDean. They stare at each other. Rory says he should get home. CuteDean agrees. He walks past Rory. She watches him go. CuteDean turns around and waves. She waves back. What a weird alley, full of clean trash.

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