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Rory Graduates

Outside Chilton, Lorelai finds Emily and Richard sitting by themselves. She asks why they haven't joined Sookie. Emily wasn't sure if the seating issue was resolved. There is much discussion here about whether Lorelai changed her mind about sitting together. Lorelai doesn't bring up the loan, and neither do the Gilmores, but clearly everyone knows that nobody's happy with what just happened. Eventually, Lorelai just walks away, and the Gilmores follow her. A woman in the back is dressed in the most hideous white turtleneck.

Some of these people didn't bother dressing up in the slightest. Lorelai comes back to her row with her parents. Everybody says hello. Richard asks where Christopher is. Lorelai says he's out of town, but that he wants tons of pictures (that Lorelai doesn't appear to be taking), and he wants to order the official video. Way to phone in fatherhood once again, Chris. Richard and Emily look as unamused as I am. Lorelai sits down. From this angle, it looks like she's wearing a red negligee. She tells Sookie that they can now put a bid on the Dragonfly, adding that she can't go into it now. Sookie says she's been depressed for days, but that she'll go call the attorney right now. Sookie stumbles and stammers past a row full of people, instead of just walking in front of Lorelai, Richard, and Emily. She apologizes and trips, beaming with happiness, forgetting to inform her husband of the life-changing decision she's about to make. Lorelai asks Emily and Richard why they're keeping an empty seat between them. There is much discussion about it until Emily and Richard move over. Emily complains that the man in front of her is extraordinarily tall. Lorelai sighs as we fade to commercial.

Okay. The Shick Intuition. This commercial is so insulting. Do they really think girls are so incapable of managing the whole "can of shaving cream" and "holding a razor " thing that they had to package it together for our pretty little heads to understand? What's with all those women like, "Whoopsie! I dwopped my wayzor again! I spwayed myself in the eye with this man stuff! I wish someone would help me!"

Graduation. Finally. Seven Chilton students in the graduating class take their seats. Paris is bragging about Nanny's children, and how one of them is really good at bowling.

Sookie trips back in along the row of people, promising that she was here before most of them and it only looks like she's late. She sits down and says she left a message with the real estate agent. She asks if Rory already walked in. Lorelai points her out as sitting in front of the kid with the humongous...cute kid. Sookie moans that she meant to get a picture of Rory walking in. Sookie now walks in front of all those people again, tripping and stammering, camera out, bragging that she's with the valedictorian.

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