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Rory Graduates

Anyway, this entire scene is so that CuteDean and Rory can be alone in Miss Patty's studio right now. CuteDean is still pissed off at Rory for not throwing him a bridal shower. Rory's solution is to offer him a few wedding tips she learned from the Inn. Like: make sure the photographer takes candid photographs along with posed shots. Brilliant. And don't give the ring to the ringbearer until the last second. CuteDean says it's been overwhelming, renting the hall and stuff. Rory then takes fifteen minutes making the two of them sit next to each other before she hands him a Williams-Sonoma catalog, telling him to pick something so she can buy it. She's even highlighted things that he'll need, like everything. Hey, Rory? You think they might register for gifts? Anyway, CuteDean's stoked that Rory will buy him a set of knives, a blender, or some mixing bowls. He'll need that Swiss Army Knife on the set of Young MacGyver. CuteDean: make Rory buy you a bed. Hysterical! Rory tells CuteDean to figure out, with Lindsay, what he wants, and let Rory know so she can order it. The strummy-strummy-la-la music comes on here, just for me, I know, and I have to pause the TiVo because this is the saddest moment of the season for me. "Bye, Dean," Rory says. So much potential, so many opportunities lost. "Bye, Rory," CuteDean says. So many moments that were good and then it all kind of died, didn't it? Their love for each other, our love for all dissolved in a sea of apathy. He was such a good character in the beginning, all strong and silent, supporting her and urging her to be a better person. Now he just seems kind of clueless and pathetic. Married. Whatever. Goodbye, CuteDean. I know I've prematurely wished you goodbye before, but I'm pretty sure this is it for you. Thanks for at one time being the boyfriend I wish I had. Get a haircut; stay in school. And don't wear long sleeves under a polo shirt again, please.

Sookie and Lorelai are pinning Rory's graduation gown to her. Rory mumbles a very long sentence about not being able to fit in the dress now that they've pinned it. Sookie moans that she should go, since she has a "stupid" job interview tomorrow morning. It sounds like it's for a much better job than the one she has: if she got it, she'd be an executive chef four nights a week. Sookie says she can't imagine working somewhere else. Rory's all, "What are you guys talking about?" and once again she finds out that Lorelai was keeping information from her. Sookie excuses herself as Lorelai sits and tells Rory they're not buying the Dragonfly. Why did they put that weird gray cardigan over Rory's pretty pink dress? Rory tells Lorelai that she should use the rest of Richard's money (funny, I thought it was Lorelai's money) to pay for the inn, and they'll scrimp by. "They"? Rory, you just graduated. You are on your own, sister. Have fun getting a jobby-job. Lorelai confesses to Rory that they didn't get financial aid, and then explains to Rory why Yale didn't give them financial aid (things we already know, so I don't have to recap them here). Rory says she doesn't want that money to pay for Yale. She says she'll take out a student loan. Lorelai doesn't want Rory to graduate college deep in debt, like the rest of us had to do. Rory says she'll change her major to Business or Engineering to make sure she'll graduate to a great job that'll make her tons of money. Yes, I heard that amused, jaded, cynical "Ha!" from all of you graduates out there. Lorelai tells Rory she's not allowed to change her degree from Journalism, something so many of you angry Ivy Leaguers were complaining about on the forums, saying that Harvard and Yale wouldn't offer an undergraduate journalism degree. Lorelai tells Rory that she'll need to work as an intern or Tom Brokaw's toupee straightener when she gets out of college. Rory says there has to be another way. Lorelai says there isn't, and promises to have an inn of her own someday, but Yale comes first. Rory storms out of the room, saying she's off to "rail at God for a while." Lorelai takes a second before she says, "Tell her I said hi."

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