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Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

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Rory Graduates
Pamie] Or how Frasier lives in the richest apartment in Seattle by being a radio-show host. I write a weekly column here and I wrote a book. Can I have Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone and thirty-thousand-dollar closet of shoes? Anyway, the three pretend to still be super-happy as they drink their drinks and realize that they won't see each other as often and will have to find different jobs now that their dreams have died and a baby's on the way. You'd think Sookie and Lorelai would be happy to know the Inn has closed so there's no competition with their own inn. Why not take out a loan? Or see if Mia wants to be a part owner in their inn? I must stop caring so much. Do you think all this faux happiness is exactly how all the actors look after getting a script like this at a table read? Working so hard to pretend you're happy with the way things have turned out?

Townie alert! Taylor reads off his latest proposal, but he's been talking so long that the entire town hall has drifted off. He asks for all in favor and those opposed, but nobody raises a hand on either request. Gypsy gets her one line of the season here. She's sitting next to CuteDean, who is without MrsDean. In fact, there's an empty chair next to him. Babette tells Taylor that his voice always makes her think of her grocery list. She nudges Morey and tells him they need croutons. Taylor wants to talk about the deer population. The town groans, because they're sick of Taylor always complaining about the deer. Nobody wants to kill little Bambis, and the only person with an actual deer problem is Taylor, who has brought a photograph of his back yard (CuteDean is getting paid to help Taylor present Exhibit A (Kirk wants to know how much)) to show how the deer are eating crops. Taylor pretends not to have noticed that his example is a photograph of his back yard. Kirk suggests releasing a pack of wolves to eat the deer, because then all they'd have to worry about is the roving pack of wolves. Miss Patty pulls rank and declares the meeting adjourned and this topic postponed for another year. The townies file out.

Rory walks in and finds Lane, who tells Rory she's got to go because she's still grounded. She hands Rory a shopping bag full of photographs from her prom. It's a second-by-second photo essay of the evening. How sad is it that Rory didn't get to go to prom at all? And that we didn't get to see Lane go to prom? And that Lane is still so grounded that she's not going to be allowed to be at Rory's graduation? And that Lane's still going to that college she hates, but she doesn't seem upset about it? And that Dave didn't come to the town meeting to at least sit with Lane for the fifteen minutes she's allowed out of the house this week?

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