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Rory Graduates

Independence Inn. Michel and Sookie are behind the desk. "I hate this," Michel drones. Sookie explains to us that they currently only have one guest, since the rest of the Inn is still under construction from the fire. Again I wonder, why do they still have a gourmet chef on the books when they don't have a kitchen? Michel complains that he pulled towel duty today, and that it's awful when you know exactly who those towels belonged to: "It's his mites on those towels." He says it's degrading. Sookie complains about her deteriorating chef skills. Michel wishes for mental stimulation. Sookie wishes she could fry a dead animal in a skillet. "I should have been a dancer," Michel moans. "My mother put me in dance school and I rebelled. I wanted to kick the football. I should not have." Sookie says that Michel looks like a duck when he dances. I hope Lorelai plans to hire Michel at her inn, because if this is the last episode for Michel, I will cry. Michel tells Sookie he's getting mighty sick of her. They bicker over towels. They bicker about the guest. Sookie keeps saying the word "stupid" over and over again until Lorelai walks up and scolds them for arguing in front of their one guest. Sookie won't stop, and teases Michel again for wanting to be a dancer. Michel asks how long they can keep the Inn up when most of the rooms are closed, they have one guest, he's doing "mite towels," and the owner's son is walking around wearing a frown while he evaluates things. Lorelai says that John, the owner's son, is only there to figure out what renovations need to be done so they can open up all the closed rooms. She tells them to stop worrying. Michel and Sookie just abandon the front desk together in an awkwardly directed moment.

The phone rings, and Lorelai answers it. It's Emily, who wants to know if they'll be sitting together at the graduation. Lorelai takes her sweet time "thinking it over" and then says that of course they'll be sitting together, since they're family. Emily says she knew that, but she wasn't sure if Lorelai remembered. Richard is also on the phone, and he wants to ask Lorelai about a gift for Rory. Richard narrates his walk toward the couch while talking on the phone, prompting Lorelai to joke that this is like the days of radio. Once Richard and Emily are seated together, they ask Lorelai if they can buy Rory a car for graduation. This is suddenly not a problem for Lorelai, who doesn't mind this kind of extravagant gift because Rory will need a car to be able to drive all the way from Yale to Stars Hollow every single moment she's not in class. Lorelai concludes, "So it's really kind of a present for me, too." And therefore it's fine. Emily and Richard aren't amused that they're somehow giving Lorelai a gift. Lorelai asks them to not buy Rory a gas-guzzler, a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini. Lorelai says she'll maybe see them at the graduation. They hang up. Richard and Emily share a look.

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