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Rory Graduates

Sookie and Lorelai stand outside the Dragonfly. They yell for Luke to hurry up and get out of there. Luke walks out and complains that he walked right into a cobweb. Lorelai and Sookie feign sympathy for .02 seconds and then ask for the story on the inn. Luke says it's not so bad. Sookie and Lorelai are sure that means it's also not so good. The floors need work. The roof is fine, but needs some shingles replaced. Kirk yells from the top floor that he hasn't yet found any mold, which he terms "silent death." Kirk tells us how Ed McMahon's dog suffered memory loss because of the mold in his house. Kirk neglects to mention how ol' Ed sued the companies that were supposed to rid his house of mold for millions of dollars. And he won. Is it weird that my spellcheck knows the name "Ed McMahon"? I think so. Luke tells Lorelai that they're going to have to spend money to fix the inn, but that it won't be a money pit. Sookie and Lorelai celebrate their good fortune. I don't know why Lorelai still hasn't brought up the whole "I can't pay for the inn because Rory has to go to Yale" thing. Luke says they could probably have the inn up and running in five months. Sookie says that's plenty of time to have the Independence find their replacements. If the Independence Inn is so close to her heart, how come Lorelai doesn't mind opening an inn that's in direct competition? And why wouldn't she want to start it with Mia, the woman who raised her, and who gave her and Rory a chance when nobody else would? Kirk runs from the house screeching: he found a mouse.

Chilton. A girl gives her farewell to the videocamera, talking about how close she was with everyone at Chilton, including the janitorial staff. Paris impatiently waits nearby. Rory reminds Paris that people get a little nostalgic at these graduation things. Paris asks Rory how her valedictorian speech is going. Rory tries to blow past the subject, so Paris tells her that she's not upset about Rory beating her for valedictorian. And salutatorian, I say again. Paris has done some research, and found out that most valedictorians who went on to Ivy League schools then went on to less-than-stellar futures. She lists off some of her findings, including business failures, suicides, divorces, obesity, and car crashes: "One suffocated when his cat fell asleep on his face." Rory thanks Paris for the info. Louisa props a leg up on the chair and tells the "AV geek" to pan up her body, since this will be the best she ever looks in her life. Paris pushes Louisa out of the way and announces, "AV geek? I'm going to need six minutes." The AV geek tells her she's only allowed two. Paris launches into her six-minute speech.

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