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Rory Graduates

Post-graduation, Rory finds Lorelai and Luke and asks about her speech. Lorelai says it made everyone cry, including Luke. Luke says he's got to get back to the diner, but first, he congratulates Rory. He executes a much more impressive hug. Rory leaves. Lorelai thanks Luke for coming, since he's the only dad she really has. She tells him to have fun on his trip. Luke says he and Nicole may not go, since things are kind of weird. Lorelai asks if it's her fault. Yes, Lorelai. All relationship problems are because of you. Luke says he was thinking, and that it's a commitment to go on the cruise, and he doesn't want to lead Nicole on. Lorelai says that if he likes Nicole, then he should go. Luke asks if she thinks that's okay considering...everything. Clearly, Luke is asking Lorelai if she likes him enough that he shouldn't continue things with Nicole, since he's only dating her because Lorelai isn't dating him. But Lorelai isn't supposed to understand this, for some reason, so she pushes Luke into Nicole's arms. Luke is disappointed and says he'll probably go, then: "I guess I was just nervous about nothing." Lorelai says she thinks that, too. Luke says he'll see her in a couple of months. He doesn't tell her to have fun in Europe, though. Lorelai watches Luke leave and gets all distant.

Paris finds Rory and says goodbye. Rory says she wanted to say goodbye, too. Paris wishes Rory good luck. Rory says that most of the time, she really hated Paris. Paris agrees. They hug. This had better not be the goodbye. I know Paris is going to Yale. Because this is not the goodbye that should have been written for them, and most of the time they didn't hate each other, and Rory is Paris's only real friend, and there should be tears or something. Lorelai, Emily, and Richard swoop in as Paris leaves and say it's time for Rory's graduation present. Richard says it's the one with the bow on it. Angle on row of new cars, all with bows. Richard says it was the only car out there when he drove it up. Rory thinks it's amazing that they bought her a car, and she gives them each a one-armed hug. They bought her a Prius, and then they make a small Prius advertisement, saying it's the one Leonardo DiCaprio drives. Rory thanks them and hugs them again. She says she loves them; they say they love her too. Rory promises to call about insurance when she gets home. Too bad she's leaving on a jet plane in the morning. Richard congratulates Rory and thanks her for her speech. Emily wishes them fun in Europe. She asks when they get back. "The 27th," Lorelai says. "Terrific," Emily smiles. "We'll see you that Friday for dinner." Richard and Emily leave. Lorelai asks to have the win-win-win thing explained again. These last fifteen minutes are taking forever! Rory's cell phone goes off, but nobody talks once she answers. Lorelai tells us that Rory's been getting a lot of those kinds of calls lately. The phone rings again, and Rory runs into the building to answer it, since the best place to get cell-phone reception is inside a stone mansion.

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