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Rory Graduates

Sookie says they're crying a little, but they're not blubbering.

"Thank you, Mom. You are my guidepost for everything."

Jackson and Luke are now blubbering too. The rest of the mostly-male audience is holding it together just fine. "Well, my last name isn't Gilmore, and I'm not a book, so I don't know this girl," they think.

Whoa. Someone at Chilton was named "Allegra Grace Fass." What an unfortunate name, y'all. ["It's probably a shout-out to Patricia Fass Palmer, who is or was a GG producer." -- Wing Chun] Paris (I just now noticed how Gellar and Gilmore would be near each other. They must have done that on purpose, and I love them for that) is complaining about how long this is taking, and how she never knew there were so many in their class. She stops the girl who was harassed by Lorelai earlier and asks, "Hey! What's your name? What's your story?"

Lorelai and Emily can't find Rory to take pictures. Jackson asks Richard how much it would cost to insure Chilton. Richard says a bunch of words I don't understand. Luke and Jackson keep talking until Lorelai tells them to pay attention, since Rory's coming up. I love how they will talk through anything. Sookie stands up to get a closer shot and once again bothers a row of people. One of the students has the middle name of "Pamela." Sookie steps on someone's foot and says, "I suck. Sorry." Heh.

Poor Paris has the middle name of Eustace. She goes up and gets her diploma, telling Headmaster Charleston that there are no hard feelings. She smiles. Nanny and her family wave, all smiles.

"Lorelai Leigh Gilmore." Emily beams to Lorelai, "She looks so solemn." That's a good thing? "Like a Gilmore," Richard agrees. Wait, that's a good thing? Rory gets her diploma and makes a face at Lorelai, who makes a face back. Emily scolds Lorelai. "I taught her everything I know," Lorelai says.

Sookie comes back, stepping on everyone in the row again. She whispers something to Lorelai. Lorelai giggles and says she needs a pen. She asks Luke for his order-taking pen again. Luke tells her she has to stop assuming he takes pens with him everywhere. Richard kind of disses Luke here by handing Lorelai a pen, saying, "Never be without a pen." Lorelai thanks him and scribbles something on Emily's program. Good thing the H-Z students don't care if anyone gets to hear them graduate. Lorelai holds up the scribbled piece of paper. You can barely make out that it says, "WE GOT THE INN!!" because Lorelai's bending it and there's a glare and it's all skinny, but whatever. They somehow got the inn in fifteen minutes on a Wednesday afternoon while the realtor was out because who the hell else would be bidding on this thing besides Mia who's about to sell the inn where Rory grew up that somehow has no sentimental value to Lorelai anymore. Lorelai keeps sticking her tongue out at Rory, a facial expression that now has no meaning anymore, and tells Emily she's going to do it another six times. The guy seated in front of Lorelai looks like he's about to punch her. After Headmaster Charleston announces the graduation of a girl with the last name of Hicks, he declares the graduation ceremony over and everyone throws up his or her cap.

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