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Adultery, Theft, and Lies

I really like how they dress Rory in clothes we've already seen her in so we know that she's a real person with a limited wardrobe. She and Paris are studying. Paris isn't in uniform, so we can see how bodacious Liza Weil's ta-tas are. Rory tells Paris that she's in much better shape for this test than she thinks she is. "Impossible," Paris says as the doorbell rings. Rory leaves to answer it. Paris begs for another half-hour. Rory says that Paris needs to go now that she's gotten her hour. Paris tries to protest, but Rory's firm. "Fine," Paris says as Rory answers the door. It's Jess, with his arms full of food. "Delivery," he says. Rory asks what he's doing there. Jess says that Luke figured there wouldn't be any food in the house, so he sent over a care package. Rory says she doesn't need a care package. She says she ordered food from Sandeep's. Jess asks if she's planning on burning the house down afterwards, since that's the only way she'll get rid of the smell. He lets himself in to put the groceries on the kitchen table, and of course Rory only mildly stammers because she really likes Jess.

Rory follows Jess to the table and tells him that he's brought enough food for twelve. "Excuse me, I've seen you eat," he tells Rory. Jess says that Luke didn't know how long Lorelai was going to be gone. "Just tonight," Rory says. Isn't she supposed to be gone for two days? She asks why Cesar didn't bring the food over. Jess says that he volunteered in order to get away from all of the construction. He asks whether Rory thought he came over just to see her. They do a little banter about how they don't really like each other and nothing's going on because she's got a boyfriend. He asks if she's going to eat the food. She says she will in a while. She'll reheat it if she has to. Jess reminds her that reheated french fries taste nasty. She realizes that he's right, and decides to eat. She points out that Jess is still standing there. Jess says that he was waiting on a tip. "You want money?" she asks. He says she can pay him in french fries. She says he can have as much as he wants, so he takes his coat off to eat. She says she didn't invite him to eat over. He says she pretty much did. It's so tedious, these two. Paris finally walks in and says she can't find her flashcards. Jess says he didn't know that Rory had company. Rory introduces them. Paris says she's just leaving, but Rory asks Paris to stay. Paris says that Rory was just kicking her out, but she caves when she realizes how much food there is, and that some of it is macaroni and cheese. "I'm not allowed to have mac and cheese," Paris says. Rory tells her to splurge. Paris asks if there's a twenty-four-hour pharmacy in the area just in case she breaks out in hives. There is, so Paris goes to call her nanny to say she's staying at Rory's. Jess asks Rory why she invited a chaperone. Rory says she was just being polite. They divvy up the food mentally and banter about tediously. I dislike Rory whenever Jess is around. Now she should go and call CuteDean and tell him that now there's officially a party at her house and if he could come over maybe Jess would leave quickly. ["Yes! This is the problem: Jess makes Rory act stupid, and also, Rory is a crappy liar." -- Wing Chun] And where the hell is that Indian food?

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