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Adultery, Theft, and Lies

It's Emily in front of a stretch limo beaming, "Hello! Hello! Hello!" Now, if someone showed up at my house with a stretch limo to take me to my free spa weekend, I wouldn't be moaning and complaining. What is wrong with Lorelai? Lorelai asks if they're going to the prom. Emily says she figured they should go all-out with the pampering. I agree. Rory tells Emily that the limo is cool. Emily thanks her. The driver takes Lorelai's suitcase. Rory tells the girls to have a good time. "Bikers and low-lifes," Lorelai reminds her. Rory says she'll get right on that.

Instead: Chilton. A very long shot where we follow the Chem teacher returning lab grades. She's blabbing on and on about a test on Tuesday until we see Paris. She didn't get such a great grade, apparently, and leans over to Fraulein. This starts the "On Friday" bit that goes on terribly long. Paris asks Fraulein what they're doing tonight. "It's Friday night," Fraulein responds. Paris asks if that means they have dates. Fraulein says they do. Paris was hoping they could study with her instead. "On Friday night?" Fraulein asks. "Yeah," Paris says. "But we've got dates," says Fraulein. Louisa asks Fraulein what Paris wants. Fraulein tells Louisa that Paris wants them to study with her. "On a Friday night?" Louisa asks. "Yes," Fraulein says. "But we've got dates," Louisa says. Djb and I start singing, "Hi, Margie!" "Hi, Ursula!" "What's the story? Morning Glory! What's the word? Hummingbird!" Back to Paris, as she asks Fraulein if they'll cancel their dates. "To study?" Fraulein asks. "Yes," Paris says. "On Friday night?" Fraulein asks. "What'd she say?" Louisa asks. Camera pans back over. ("He's in love with Kim! Kim's in love with him!") "She wants us to cancel our dates to study." "On a Friday night?" Repeat, repeat, repeat. Paris goes, "Oh, my God! Forget it!" She walks over to Rory. ("Hello, Rory Gilmore, this is Paris Gellar, can I come over and study, please?") Paris asks if Rory's got big Friday night plans as well. "Well, kind of," Rory completely lies. Paris asks why her entire Harvard career slipping away is of no interest to anyone. Her voice cracks as she tells Rory she got an A- on the Chem lab. She says she's never gotten an A- before. She complains that things are bad at home and that it's hard to focus. Her father figured out how much it'd cost to divorce her mother, so now he's back. She moans that if only she'd fibbed the numbers a bit when she showed him the cost analysis, then none of this would be happening and her 4.0 would be intact. Rory says she can't tonight, but that if Paris is still freaked out after Tuesday's test, she'll spend every day next week helping Paris for the final. It's too late after Tuesday, Rory, and you know it. And there are three days between Friday and Tuesday the last time I checked. Rory tells Paris to relax and promises that everything will be fine. Gonna study! Gonna study! Gonna study! Study for Chem! Gonna study! Gonna study! Gonna study! Study for Chem!

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