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Adultery, Theft, and Lies

Luke's. Construction. Very busy. Rory says she can't believe Lorelai got Emily to steal. Lorelai says she saw Emily trying to return the robe while Lorelai got the car. Kirk asks Lorelai if she's done eating. Lorelai says that they aren't finished. Man, Lorelai is so selfish. There's a line of people waiting to eat and Lorelai's just sitting there gabbing. She's been done eating for a while. I know, because Kirk's timed it, because Kirk's been standing there waiting to eat for a long time. Lorelai tells Kirk to go away before she orders seconds. She comments to Rory that Paris looked a bit green this morning. Rory says that Paris had a giant sugar/carb hangover. Lorelai says it takes years to be able to eat the way they do. Rory says she knows it. Lorelai asks if CuteDean was "crazy mad" last night. Rory says that's a fair assessment. She's spending the entire day with him to make up for it. Lorelai says she's got to get to the Inn. Rory moans that she's probably going to have dinner with CuteDean as well. Lorelai says it's funny that Lorelai will have the house to herself tonight. "I simply cannot stop laughing," Rory says. Rory gets up to pay the tab.... that she can flirt with Jess. Rory thanks Luke for the food. Luke doesn't know what she's talking about, and then runs off to deal with the construction. Rory tells Jess it's interesting that Luke knew nothing about the food. Jess plays the innocent, asking for $12.50. Breakfast for two for $12.50? Stars Hollow, you are the cheapest place on Earth. Rory flirts. Jess flirts. Flirting, flirting, flirting.

Lorelai finds CuteDean waiting for Rory outside Luke's. Lorelai says that Rory's inside paying, and that she'll be coming out to meet him soon. CuteDean tells Lorelai that he and Rory are spending the day together. Lorelai says that's great. They both look inside the diner. Lorelai says that Rory feels bad about what happened last night, and that it was just a freaky, unfortunate thing. She says that Rory didn't want Jess over there. "Rory wouldn't lie, right?" CuteDean asks. "No," Lorelai says. "Rory wouldn't lie." The camera pans over the shoulders of CuteDean and Lorelai as they watch Rory flirt mercilessly with Jess and the la-la-la music takes us out. My only hope is that Paris and Rory will actually have to fight over Jess, and that Lane will get to take CuteDean's virginity. Wait. CuteDean can date both Fraulein and Louisa at the same time. Something. Anything. Just not this same thing we've seen all freaking season.

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