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Adultery, Theft, and Lies

Lorelai packs her suitcase, so I guess she is capable of doing it without Rory. Emily knocks. She says she called the bellman to pick up their bags. He'll be there in ten minutes. She thanks Lorelai for agreeing to leave early. What a waste of thousands of dollars. "I guess this whole thing was a silly idea anyway," Emily says. They can't be together for a simple meal, so how would they last an entire weekend? Lorelai says that it was a nice thought. Emily says it's the thought that counts. Lorelai offers to take their bags down herself so that they don't have to wait for the bellman. Emily says that sounds fine. "Why can't we have what you and Rory have?" Emily asks. Lorelai says that she and Rory are different. They are best friends first and mother-daughter second. She says that she and Emily are mother-daughter always. Emily says she wasn't taught to be best friends with her daughter. Lorelai says she knows that. Emily says she was taught to be a role model for her daughter. Lorelai says she knows that, too. Emily says she did what she thought was right, and what it took to protect Lorelai, and now because of that, they have no relationship. Lorelai says they have a relationship. Emily asks what it is. Lorelai stammers, and Emily says, "Exactly." Lorelai says that an intense weekend might have been too much to start off with, and that they should do something simpler. Emily asks whether they should have just taken a brisk walk around the block instead. Lorelai spits that she hates exercise. Emily says she's glad Lorelai finds this amusing.

Lorelai says there has to be something small they could do. She thinks, stands up, and leaves. Emily tells Lorelai it's rude just to walk out on a person. Lorelai walks back holding her robe in the air. She tells Emily that they're both going to take their robes and shove them into their suitcases at the same time and then walk out stealing together. This is how they're going to start a relationship? With synchronized theft? Lorelai reminds Emily how much she loves the robe, and insists that they're going to leave with them. Emily points out that they're just going to charge her credit card when they see that the robes are gone. Shame on Lorelai. She works at a hotel. She knows what a bitch it is when people steal things like that. I never steal from hotels. Both of my parents were in hotel management. Never swipe anything. Always tip housekeeping. Lorelai says that the robe will be a symbol of their trip together. She says it'll be something they did together. She folds up the robe and puts it in her bag. She zips the bag. Emily says that she has a perfectly good robe at home. Lorelai asks if Emily's going to swipe her robe, too. Emily asks if Lorelai stole a robe with Rory before. Lorelai gasps, "No! Rory would never steal. She's far too moral for that." I'd never steal a robe, either. Lorelai says that Emily's a vicious trollop, though. Emily says Lorelai should have her head examined. Lorelai says that they'll make an appointment when they get back. Emily says that in the course of one night, Lorelai has turned her into an adulterer and a thief. Lorelai says they'll have Emily working at the Chicken Ranch by the end of the month. Emily scampers off to steal. Lorelai nods, proud of herself.

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