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Adultery, Theft, and Lies

Emily and Lorelai are chowing down on their steaks. Emily loves her steak. She tells Lorelai she can handle her meat. Ew. TMI. Emily waxes nostalgic about hot chilis and skinny-dipping. Lorelai begs Emily to stop talking about skinny-dipping with Richard. Marty and Elaine start up a Frank Sinatra song on the dance floor. Lorelai tells Emily that the Silver Fox who's not hitting on her is currently headed their way. Hey, hey, it's Barney Miller. He tells Emily and Lorelai that he's noticed they're having the most fun at the bar. He introduces himself. He's shocked to find out that Lorelai and Emily are mother and daughter. I'm not sure why Lorelai tells Barney she doesn't want to hear it. They chat about where they live. Barney says he lives pretty much at the bar. Lorelai keeps flirting with Barney as Barney keeps eyeing Emily. The song changes, and Emily comments that she loves this song. Barney asks Lorelai to help him out. Lorelai tells Emily that Barney's asking her to dance. Emily says she couldn't. "Rumor has it you love this song," he says. Emily says she can't dance, and that she shouldn't leave her daughter alone. Lorelai practically pushes her mom into this man's arms. He says the song's almost over, and that she'll have to spend hardly any time with him. They take the dance floor. Emily appears to be having a great time. The bartender, for some random reason, tells Lorelai that her mother "looks good out there." Lorelai smiles and agrees. The song ends, everyone claps, and a slow song starts up. Emily starts to walk back to the bar, but Barney pulls her back in and slow-dances. Emily is nervous, frightened, elated, horrified, intrigued, excited, guilty, and flattered. She finally breaks away and says that she has to go home immediately. She grabs her purse from the bar and runs off. Lorelai follows, and I wonder who paid the bill.

At the coat check, Lorelai asks what's wrong. Emily says they're leaving. "I shouldn't have been doing this," she says. She shouldn't have been fraternizing and flirting with a member of the opposite sex. Emily is upset as she waits for her coat. "I practically cheated on your father," she says. Lorelai says that Emily has danced with other men before. "Not like that," Emily says. Lorelai says it was just a dance, and that Emily was having fun. Emily says, "I don't know why I let you take me to this chophouse in the first place. I don't go to chophouses." She adds that only hookers eat at bars. She says that Lorelai knew the entire evening was making Emily uncomfortable, but Lorelai kept pushing. Lorelai says that she was trying to let go and have a good time with her mom, and that until Emily freaked out, they were having a very good time. Lorelai says that Emily manipulated Lorelai into taking this trip (not true). Emily says that Lorelai practically forced her to engage in inappropriate behavior. "You let me get sixty-fortied!" Emily shouts. Heh. Lorelai says that Emily's crazy: "We were having dinner, Mom. A nice dinner. Hell, we were having fun!" She says that Emily can't complain about their relationship if she's unwilling to let her guard down for three minutes to have a pleasant evening with Lorelai. Emily says that there's a certain way a mother should behave in front of her daughter. Emily leaves, coat over her shoulder. Lorelai walks back to the bar. Barney Miller gives a shrug that reads, "Was my erection against her leg too much?"

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