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Adultery, Theft, and Lies

CuteDean asks what the hell is going on. He catches Paris mid-bite. Paris says hello. CuteDean wonders how they went through that much food already if Jess just came by to drop it off. Rory says that maybe Jess didn't just drop it off. CuteDean is upset that Rory gave him the laundry excuse, and instead hung out with Jess and had fun. Rory seems to be unable to speak around CuteDean, which is so weird. She just stammers and lies instead of explaining anything. She looks totally guilty, which she is, until Paris steps up and says this is all her fault. She's got a crush on Jess, and she asked Rory to invite him over so she might have a chance to talk to him. Paris goes on about how stupid an idea it was and how it totally didn't work, but that she wanted to give it a try. She thanks Rory for covering for her. She starts to collect her things to leave. "So, Paris likes Jess," CuteDean says strangely. It's quiet, and then Rory says, "Yeah." It's quiet again until CuteDean asks, "Rory, is this true?" Rory takes a deep breath and then lies right to his face: "Yes, it is." She says there's no explaining attraction. Rory says that if she had wanted anyone over tonight, it would have been CuteDean, and that's it. I don't even believe that anymore. She's done nothing to show that she loves this boy since the end of last season. CuteDean says that if she says that's true, then he's going to believe her. He apologizes for yelling at her. She says it was totally understandable. CuteDean says that he wants to leave. Suddenly, Rory wants to be CuteDean's girlfriend and asks him to hang out and eat ice cream with her. Good for CuteDean: he says no. Rory makes him promise to see her tomorrow. Then she gives him a guilt-filled kiss goodbye. CuteDean leaves through the back door.

Rory finds Paris packing her bag. Rory asks why Paris covered for her. Paris says it just came out. "You have no idea what you did," Rory says, which sounds like she's ungrateful. Paris says that Rory helped Paris out tonight when she didn't want to, so now they're even. Rory finally thanks her. Paris starts to leave, but now Rory wants to be Paris's girlfriend. She asks Paris to spend the night and have a bit of a slumber party. Paris asks if Rory's only doing this because Paris helped Rory out with CuteDean. Rory says she's doing this because it's what you do with friends. Paris is shocked that Rory called her a friend. Rory says that whatever they are is complicated, but it's definitely something. Paris agrees to stay: "But if you're doing all this to freeze my bra, I'll kill you." Rory: "Duly noted."

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Gilmore Girls




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