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Adultery, Theft, and Lies

It's CuteDean on the phone. Rory gives a very disappointed "oh, hey." She asks where he is. He's on his way over to her house to bring her some ice cream. He says he knows she wants to be alone, but he just wanted to say hi (blowjob!). She says they could say hi over the phone. He says he wants to say hi a little closer (blowjob!). Rory says that she's a mess. Man, instead of the lying, why not just tell him what happened and if she really doesn't want him to come over she can say she's currently trying to get rid of them but the three of them are having a pretty decent time or she's having a lousy time but the two of them are getting along great. ["Well, you know what I think." -- Wing Chun] Look, Rory is now officially the worst girlfriend in the world. She takes total advantage of CuteDean, and she's a liar. ["A bad one!" -- Wing Chun] CuteDean says he misses her. She says she misses him, too, "But." She tells him that Paris is there because she wanted to study. CuteDean says that he obviously didn't ruin Rory's night alone, then, so he'll come over in a few minutes. He hangs up.

Jess tells Paris that he can't get into poetry: "Jeez, just say it already. I'm dying, here." Rory walks into the kitchen and tells her guests that it's getting really late, and she needs them to leave now. Jess points out that it's seven o'clock. Wow, time moves slowly in Stars Hollow. Rory says that she's still got lots of studying to do with Paris. Rory tells Jess to thank Luke for the food. Jess asks who was on the phone. Rory says it was no one. "No One wouldn't happen to be heading over here right now, would he?" asks Jess. Paris asks what's going on. Jess tells Paris that Dean doesn't want to find Jess over at Rory's house. Paris asks why. Jess asks Rory why. Rory says Jess knows why. Jess says that they're just eating dinner. Rory asks him as a friend (again). Jess asks if she's sure she wants him to go. Rory says she's sure she doesn't want to have a fight with CuteDean. That's not what he asked. Jess says he'll leave. Rory thanks him. Jess pretends he twisted his ankle and needs to lie down. Rory is now pushing Jess out the door in a flirty manner as he flirts that maybe he should stay since she's so tense. Oh, why don't the two of you just do it, already? It's so tedious! One-note and tedious. Give me a new layer, please! Something else can happen, please! Jess says that maybe he should have a heart-to-heart with CuteDean. He promises to speak slowly. Rory opens the door, but the damage has already been done. Poor CuteDean stands there mouth-breathing as Rory immediately starts stammering that Jess brought food by. Jess is also interjecting as Rory's over-explaining. Jess teases CuteDean for bringing a little ice cream over for Rory. Jess says lots of stupid things until CuteDean towers over him threateningly. CuteDean has a massive amount of restraint. Jess does not. Rory makes Jess stop teasing Dean, way too late, and Jess finally, finally, finally leaves. But not before he keeps talking. Leave. Go. Rory starts to ask CuteDean a question, but he snarfs through his nose and storms inside.

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Gilmore Girls




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