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Later, Rory is at Lane's, set up at the kitchen counter, typing away on her computer while Lane makes grilled cheese sandwiches. "Such service," Rory says. Lane: "I'm just in it for the tips." Rory offers her the tip of "underwear first, then pants." Lane rolls her eyes: "What a shame that I'm away from my snare drum." pfTL, who I am sorry to say is the dick of this episode, strolls in complaining that the household is low on shampoo. Lane says she'll get more tomorrow, but he continues to nag, implying that it's Rory's fault. Rory doesn't seem to love pfTL here, nor does Lane, and who can blame her? He's being a jerk, especially considering how he takes advantage of Lane and is hell to live with himself. I know he's supposed to be the comic relief here, but he's coming off kind of like someone I'd hate. Plus, Rory and Lane used to be fun all by themselves. Boys ruin everything! This is why you should never date someone with whom you are in a band. Have we learned nothing from Fleetwood Mac? Says your friendly recapper, who is married to her own band's, yes, never mind. pfTL goes to pour himself some cereal and continues to complain: "Cool. Don't have to strain myself by lifting a full box. Excellent." Palladinos, don't make me hate pfTL! Rory says she's not staying that long, and Lane tells pfTL to relax. He tells a story about a Don who swore he was only staying for a little while and ended up staying six weeks: "Ate all my Cheese Nips. But when I confronted him with the box, he claimed they were just settling. Dude had Cheese Nip breath as he told me they were just settling." Hee.

Blessedly, Rory's phone rings. It's Mr. Wultz, editor of the Stamford paper where Rory used to intern, telling her he'd be glad to give her a good reference. "Look," he says, "I don't really know what happened with you and Mitchum, but from me to you, you're a sharp kid, and you've got a lot going for you." He says she's not the first person ever to have a run-in with "Herr Huntzberger," and that she should ignore him. She says she'll do just that. ["Liar. Shut up, Rory." -- Wing Chun] Wultz says he'd like to hire Rory himself, but that the paper has no openings, and she thanks him, saying she's grateful for the reference. Proud of herself, she hangs up, explaining to Lane and Zach that she's just sent out 125,000 résumés, and that it's time for her to hit the pavement. Before she can get ready, Lane tells her about her conversation with Lorelai, apologizing if Lane wasn't supposed to have revealed Rory's wherabouts. Rory says she doesn't mind, really, and goes off to face the day as pfTL complains further: "Sure, just leave your computer plugged in and sucking up all our energy." Lane admonishes him for his jerkiness. "What?" he says, all huffy. "I'm just writing a song." Is the song titled "I'm a Big Ass, Remix Episode 9," pfTL? I hope so. As annoyed as I was at the character's behavior in this scene, it did at least provide me with an excuse to get away with my own jerkiness from now on. "What? I'm just writing a song" could cover me for a lot of personal stupidity, actually. I plan to use it liberally.

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