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The Prodigal Daughter Returns

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Luke's My Daddy Richard, who has swept into the Big House calling out for Emily, going on and on about his business stuff without waiting for a reply. Instead of being subjected to her knife-like shrill, we see Finn's and Colin's dumb asses come down the stairs carrying boxes. Richard does not recognize them and demands to know what they're doing in the house. They are, in fact, moving Rory's things out, although Rory herself is not there. Richard says that this whole thing is preposterous, and wants an explanation, which he does not get from these two buffoons.

Lorelai is at Luke's, smelling some nachos. They aren't right, she tells Luke, and says she knows he used baked chips and low-fat cheese. He tries to deny it, but finally gives in. "How could you lie?" she teases. "The trust, Luke. How are we gonna make it if you're constantly trying to keep me healthy?" He grabs the plate to stomp off. "Fine," he says, "die at sixty." She asks him to bring her a donut while she waits. Siiiigh. Please tell me how to stay thin eating nachos. Because I would so like to be on that diet. Lane walks by to refresh a customer's coffee, and ignores Lorelai when the latter tries to flag her down to say hello. Finally, Lane can avoid it no longer and goes over to the table, kind of embarrassed. She hems and haws and won't look at Lorelai and Lorelai finally has to bust her on it: "You're giving me a Valerie Cherish here," she says, and then does her best Lisa Kudrow, adding, "and 'I don't wanna see that!'" Could that reference have been any more obscure? I never saw an episode of The Comeback, so I have no idea what she's supposed to mean, though Lauren Graham just pulled off an excellent Phoebe. Lane also looks confused, and Lorelai tells her that it's a great show, and that she should watch it. "I will," Lane says, uncomfortable, but Lorelai tells her it was cancelled. "Oh, sorry," Lane says, and Lorelai deadpans, "Well, it's your fault." Lane looks really uncomfortable now, and Lorelai asks her what's really going on, saying that they normally swap info about how their days are going. "It's not curing the bird flu or anything," she says, "but it's a nice tradition." Lane finally gives it up: Rory is moving in with her. Lorelai is shocked and wonders why, but Lane says she doesn't really know -- Rory just needed a place to crash. She's uncomfortable because she wasn't sure she was supposed to tell Lorelai, who answers that she understands, and that she's just curious. Lane, still kind of uncomfortable, leaves, saying "Well, when I know more..."

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