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The Lorelais' First Day At Chilton

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The Lorelais' First Day At Chilton

As Rory and Lorelai walk into Chilton they pass three snotty schoolgirls who all stop walking to turn around and stare snottily until they all turn back and stare at each other snottily. The bell rings and they walk off. Uh-oh. Looks like trouble wears plaid this episode. I don't know. I'm just trying to make a joke in this recap. It's really hard.

Lorelai and Rory walk up to the Headmaster's assistant and get spooked by her severe face. Lorelai stammers for about a minute and a half about who Rory is and how she got her name before Rory elbows her into asking for the Headmaster. The assistant stands up and creaks away. Lorelai says that the woman is a perfect example of why you shouldn't wear makeup to sleep.

Headmaster Charleston (but for some reason, you only say the "ton" part every once in a while and so quietly that I'm not sure if he's actually just "Headmaster Charles" or not) introduces himself at his doorway. Lorelai looks around and smiles and says it's nice to meet -- "Mom." Emily stands up and says she came to wish her granddaughter luck on her first day of school. Lorelai is not happy. Emily and the Headmaster are old friends. "Well, there's nothing like friends," Lorelai says. "Especially if they're old." Pause, pause, pause. "Friends." The Headmaster asks Lorelai to take off her coat and have a seat. She says she's fine. He apologizes for the heat and says that the school had the furnace going too high this morning. Lorelai says she likes it warm. Emily tells her to take off her coat and sit down so the headmaster doesn't think she's rude. Lorelai takes off her coat. Everyone looks uncomfortable because everyone knows you're not supposed to wear tie-dye after 1972. "Laundry day," I say with Lorelai. Emily begins bragging about Rory as they all start to sit down. Lorelai starts trying to say things, but she ends up just babbling about nothing until Rory shoots her a look. Emily says goodbye to the headmaster, wishes Rory good luck on her first day, and asks Lorelai if she needs a ride "or if [her] horse is parked outside." Lorelai stands up to leave and kisses Rory on the head. The headmaster says, "Oh, you don't want to forget your coat." Lorelai doubles in half, laughs, and comes back for the coat saying, "No, I don't. Because that would be embarrassing."

Emily and Lorelai bicker back and forth as they walk out of the school. Emily says she came to Chilton to put in a good word for Rory. Lorelai says that it wasn't necessary. Emily goes into the "so I can pay for the school but I can't come to the school" thing, which quickly escalates into Emily sectioning off parts of the city that she can and cannot go to because Rory might be around. Lorelai huffs and wiggles her arms in frustration. She apologizes and says she was just surprised to see her. As Emily turns to leave, she shouts over her shoulder, "Dinner. Friday night. No spurs, please." Lorelai huffs again as we quietly fade to commercial.

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