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Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. I'm very thankful that I cover a show that doesn't make me want to rip my eyes out every single week. I'm happy that you guys seem to enjoy the recaps almost as much as you enjoy the show itself. I'm thankful that I work with some of the coolest people on the planet, even though I've never met most of them and the other ones live in far away time zones and countries and stuff. I'm thankful that as I write this, I can smell turkey cooking. I'm very thankful for that. Turkey. The house smells like Stars Hollow.

We open at Friday dinner. Lorelai and Rory compliment Emily on the dinner. Marisela, the newest cook in Emily's staff, made it. Emily says that all of Marisela's food represents the charming little country she's from. It's "one of those little ones next to Mexico." Rory wishes Richard were there. He's stuck in Akron on business tonight. Lorelai has her own monologue about what the phrase "get out of here" means, while Rory and Emily discuss the fact that Richard's miserable in Akron. Finally, Emily turns to Lorelai and asks whether she'd like a mirror placed in front of her so that she could literally continue her conversation alone. Emily continues to explain the horrible working conditions in Akron by saying that Richard had to eat at a coffee shop last night. Rory says she hates that Richard is unhappy. Emily seizes Rory's sympathy and tells her that there is something she could do that would make Richard happy. Lorelai shouts for Rory to run away and get out before it's too late, but it's already too late and suddenly Rory is going to have to sit for an oil painting that will hang in Richard's study. Lorelai tells Rory that she warned her, but Rory seems interested in doing something that will make Richard happy, since Rory always loves to please her grandparents. Lorelai asks Emily to have the portrait made from a photo of Rory. Emily says that's what they do at malls. Rory says it's fine. Emily tells Lorelai that just because her picture turned out so horribly, it doesn't mean Rory's experience will be so dreadful. Rory asks to what portrait Emily is referring, and Lorelai gloats that the picture was never finished. They had three different artists work on the portrait, and all three quit. "She wouldn't stop scowling," Emily explains. Lorelai clarifies that she was going for "a Billy Idol thing". One Italian man had a nervous breakdown. Emily says she swears she saw him rummaging through their recyclables a year later. Rory says she'll sit if it'll make Richard happy, and Emily says she'll schedule the sitting for the next morning. Lorelai offers to teach Rory the "Billy Idol" face, and says how important it is to get the eyes right. Emily interrupts her by smashing something on the tabletop. Lorelai stares as Emily slowly goes back to her drink, and that strange moment takes us to the opening credits.

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