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Digger asks Richard how he's been, and whether he may take a seat. Richard's a little terse with Digger, who's full of compliments. Digger tells Richard he'd like to be Richard's partner. He wants to join forces, move into Richard's office, snag some fancy stationery. "I'm prepared to buy my way in," Digger adds, in addition to bringing with him all of his fancy clients, which are in some ways better than stationery. He says that, together, they could make Richard's company unstoppable. Richard's not buying it. He thanks Digger for coming, but says he's not trusting the son of the man who fired him. "Am I such a joke to you?" Richard asks. Digger assures Richard that he's no joke, and that he was the best his father ever had. Richard asks why he'd believe Digger was serious about being partners, since Digger's been working at the company since he was a little kid, and has been groomed to take over said company. This scene is probably more fun to watch than to read. Sorry about that. There isn't really anything to dig on, either. It's just an informative scene. Anyway, Digger says he doesn't want to take over his father's business, but would love nothing more than to screw his dad over. He wants to work someplace that isn't full of people who call him Digger: "Can you imagine his face? No, really. Take a moment. Picture it." Richard does, and he's amused. "It's a pretty good face, isn't it?" Digger asks. Richard says it's rather satisfying: "You hate your father that much?" Digger says he doesn't hate him; he just doesn't want to be him. Richard asks Digger to join him for a drink. They leave the room, and Richard tells Emily that Digger is going to join them for a drink. Digger's pager goes off just then. (I love it when fancy rich people are still in the world of pagers.) He asks if he can use the phone. It's a little awkward, so it seems obvious, like we're supposed to be suspicious of Digger's sudden need to use the phone in Richard's office, to be in Richard's office unattended for some time. But he does. Richard tells Emily that Digger wants to leave his dad and work with "the best." "Good for Digger," Emily says. Richard says he told Digger he'd think about it, since he doesn't need anyone working with him. Emily says it'd be nice for Richard not to have to work so hard. Richard says he doesn't mind hard work. Emily knows that, but says it'd be nice if he didn't have to do it so often. They agree that Digger is a very nice boy.

Sookie is preparing the tables with fancy tablecloths for the chafing dish, covering up the paper LOTR tablecloth. The look on Elijah Wood's face just over Sookie's shoulder -- this wide-eyed shock of how many words are coming out of those ladies' mouths as they argue over the tablecloth -- is the same look I've got as I think about recapping their dialogue word for word. There's really no need. Lorelai tells Sookie that the chafing dish is dangerous for little kids, who could burn their hands on the candle. "Isn't that how they learn?" Sookie asks. Hee. Sookie goes to put the chafing dish back in the kitchen as the chefs arrive with the fancy food. Brie, which is for the adults -- the ones who are supposed to keep kids' fingers away from the candles under the chafing dish.

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