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Lorelai's phone rings. It's Paris, who tells her that Rory isn't adjusting well to college. Paris tells Lorelai that she knows it's tempting to stunt her daughter emotionally so that Rory will return home and take care of Lorelai in her old age, but that Rory has the ability to have something better for her, by making lasting impressions in college that will change her fate in life. Lorelai asks if something happened. "She won't open the door for the party!" Paris whines. Rory comes home just as Paris calls her "Heidi's grandfather." Rory is shocked that Paris called her mother. She takes the phone. "Hi, honey," Lorelai smiles. "How's school?" "I'm rooming with a Stephen King novel," Rory tells her. She explains that she doesn't want a million strangers traipsing through her room, and that she's sorry Paris bothered Lorelai. She says she'd like to kill Paris, but Lorelai reminds her that if Rory cuts off one head, Paris will just grow another. She asks about the party. Rory says it's nothing -- just a first-week-of-class kind of thing. She says she might go. Lorelai says it's not a bad idea to know the other people in her building, so she can know which one has the emergency Pop-Tarts. Pop-Tarts are very important in college, and I practically lived on them. They don't have to be toasted, can still be heated in a microwave, are double-sealed in the box and packages to protect them from ants, and since they only come in three packs of two, you know when someone's swiped your food. Because Lorelai suggests that Rory open the door, Rory decides to open the door. Because whatever Lorelai wants, Lorelai gets. "Yes!" Paris says from her room. "This isn't for you!" Rory shouts. No. It's for her mommy. Lorelai tells Rory that she might have fun, and that Rory should call her later. Rory says that if she doesn't, she's sure Paris will. "Tell her thanks for me!" Paris shouts. "I will not!" Rory shouts back. Awkward fade to commercial as Rory hangs up the phone without saying goodbye.

Tana comes into the common room wearing Rory's Chilton outfit. She's so excited to wear it to the party that no matter how stammery Rory's concerns are, she can't be persuaded to take it off. The best is when Rory informs her that it's her Chilton uniform, Tana nods, smiles, and kind of points at the Chilton insignia. Hee. Paris runs in to discuss what their room's theme will be. Note that Rory is packing up her precious belongings to hide during the party. Rory doesn't think the room needs a theme, but Paris wants it to be, maybe, the deep-conversation room, since Rory already nixed the idea of its being the make-out room. Paris says that this party allows her the chance to start all over. Nobody knows the old Paris here. She can introduce people to the fun Paris Gellar. She wants everything to be different this year. Rory -- touched by Paris's confession -- reluctantly allows Paris to have one burning candle in the room. Thanks, Emily. Paris is ecstatic to be granted a candle. I love Paris's shirt. I wish there were a rummage sale at the end of the season where you could go and buy all the old outfits.

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