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Yale. Paris runs into the too-dark-for-studying common room to tell Rory that the first party of the year is going to be on their floor. Rory tries to get comfortable on the couch, but Emily did too good a job at making it a studying seat. Paris says that the party is very important, and that if they leave their door open, then they're part of the party -- one of its hosts. Paris asks if they can leave their door open, to guarantee invitations to parties for the rest of the year, so that everybody knows who they are. Rory's not sure she even wants to partake in this party, because she wants to study, and she's not sure she wants to open her door to a bunch of strangers. Paris throws a hissyfit. She wants people to owe her a good time. She points out Rory's fancy furniture and big television. If Rory didn't want her roommates to think she was taking control of the common room, you'd think that Rory would let Paris have the party, possibly getting her stuff stolen, proving her point with Emily. But Rory's being a party pooper just because she suddenly doesn't like fun or new people. Rory says that this isn't "suck-up" furniture. Paris calls Rory selfish, and I think I must agree. "I hate college!" Paris shouts, and storms out of the room. I love Paris.

I don't understand where Lorelai gets the money, but they now have a fully functional Lord of the Rings costume shop in Lorelai's kitchen. Sookie and Lorelai go down the list, checking off items. Lorelai asks Sookie if she should order a LOTR cake. Sookie says that the cake is under control. Lorelai then tells Sookie her job and asks if the menu consists of bagel dogs, mac and cheese, and potato chips. Sookie doesn't really answer, but looks really patient as Lorelai tells her to make colored popcorn balls. Sookie asks how many adults are going to be there. "Probably about ten," Lorelai says. Lorelai's shirt is supposed to be the lyrics "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with," which I guess is rather appropriate in Lorelai's case, but her shirt says "your" instead of "You're," so I keep staring at her shirt trying to figure out what it's supposed to be, because I assume they wouldn't make a shirt with that mistake.

Lane enters, due to popular demand, and has brought all of the LOTR stuff she could find in Stars Hollow. She found a horn, a bow, and a cape. Lane then tells the story of how she wore a bracelet to school that day, which prompted the school to call her parents. She was given a special service in chapel and must attend a soul-searching seminar next week, where she'll sit between the nail-polish-wearing girl and the condiment user. I wish Lane got to have more to do in this show, because the fact that she's letting herself be caged in and obeying her strict parents at an age where she no longer has to is quite fascinating. I would think MamaLane and Lorelai would exchange all kinds of words.

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