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Rory has bought quite a few books, considering that she hasn't registered for classes yet, and books are so expensive. She wiggles her way into the hall, balancing a cup of coffee on top of her books. A guy in glasses rushes past her, informing her that Russian Economics sucks. "I will make a note," Rory says as she opens her door.

Rory doesn't get very far before she drops everything, saving the cup of coffee. It's dark in Rory's room as she stands up, amazed. We pan around to see that the entire room has changed. I love the gigantic coffee table that looks like books stacked on top of each other. Heh. Tana is sitting on one of the chairs, reading. Rory quietly asks Tana -- like JoBeth Williams asking Carol Anne if the TV People are here -- where all the furniture came from. "I don't know," Tana says. "It must have been here when I got back." Rory's cell phone rings. It's Emily, who says she was going to wait for Rory to call her, but that she doesn't have as long to live as Rory does. "Did you sit on the couch?" she asks. Emily says she didn't want to get the couch too soft, since Rory would be studying there as well as watching television, so she didn't want it to be too comfortable. Emily must have picked out every sofa I've ever had my entire life. "You did this?" Rory asks. "Of course I did it. My granddaughter's a Yalie now. She needs to live like a Yalie." Emily says she snuck in yesterday while Rory was in classes to measure, and then she buttered up Tess to let the movers in. She asks if Rory has seen her entertainment center yet. Yowza. Rory's got a giant plasma TV, VCR, DVD, 5-CD player, turntable, and 5.1 SurroundSound. ["No TiVo? Then that setup is horseshit!" -- Wing Chun] Emily says that the man who sold it to her recommended that she get "Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon." Emily raves, "It's supposed to be amazing!" Rory says that this is all very sweet, but that she has roommates, and this might make them a little uncomfortable. When, exactly? When they're jamming to CDs while studying, or when they're inviting nine people over to watch The Sopranos on Sunday nights? Rory says that this is the common room, for all four of them, and with all of her furniture in there, it looks like she's laying claim to the room. "Exactly," Emily says. "Never underestimate the power of the upper hand, Rory. You're in the real world now. Status matters." She tells Rory that she and Richard are very proud of her: "Enjoy the furniture. We'll see you on Friday." Rory hangs up the phone and informs Tana that her grandmother broke into their room and furnished it. "Did she put that fireplace in, too?" Tana asks, incredulous. Rory tries to explain to Tana that the fireplace has always been there, because it's a fireplace, but gives up in the middle of it. Aren't there, like, five floors in this building? How is there a fireplace in every room? "Hey, why don't we take a little tour of the place, okay?" Rory asks. "Great!" Tana says. Rory and Tana stand up and walk out of frame. Tour where? What place? Huh? Can't you see the couch and television from right there? Where did you guys go? Oh. Commercial. Okay. Moving on.

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