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Lorelai has Sookie (whom they haven't given pregnant boobs to) sign and date a bunch of forms. They wax nostalgic over the days when they received paychecks. I'd hate to see Lorelai's credit-card statements these days. Wait, I'll look at my own, and then I can imagine. I don't have a daughter at Yale or an inn I just purchased, but I am paying for a car and have student loans. I'm sure that's comparable. Jackson climbs a stepladder and asks Sookie to hand him a screwdriver. She grabs a clamped hand, finds the screwdriver and lifts it up to Jackson so that she doesn't have to move. Jackson is still wearing his button. Lorelai tells Sookie that they have to meet with the liability-insurance man tomorrow before they can break ground on the inn. Lorelai says she also knows the initial estimate for the renovations, but she doesn't want to cause Sookie's water to break, so she'll tell her later: "Once you have the baby, then you can have the cow." Jackson comes down from his ladder and says he's pretty sure he's gotten everything rigged up. He places a baby monitor next to Sookie and tells her he's going to the nursery. Lorelai tells Sookie that the estimate is $20,000 more than they thought it would be. "That sucks," Sookie decides. The ladies are interrupted by feedback, and Jackson calling out. Sookie explains that Jackson's trying to wire the entire house for the baby monitor. "I am in the baby's room. I repeat, I am in the baby's room," Jackson says. Lorelai dubs this the cutest creepy thing Jackson has ever done. Jackson asks if anyone can hear him. Lorelai yells that she can, but Sookie says that they're supposed to use the walkie-talkie. Sookie picks up the monitor and gives a 10-4. She tries to report that they're getting some feedback, but she's interrupted by more feedback, and Jackson calling her name. He can't hear her, and they've got a one-way connection. Sookie yells louder, but Jackson can't hear her. She gets up and runs to the nursery, screaming, "I can hear you just fine!" Lorelai notes that this system is going to work great. Jackson walks back in, asking why they aren't using the walkie-talkie. Sookie tells him it's not working, so he takes the monitor away from her.

Sookie walks back toward Lorelai and tells her she's got a thought. She says she knows that it's going to take a while to get the inn up and running, and until they do, there's no money coming in, so maybe they could start a catering company to have a little money on the side. Lorelai would do the party planning, and Sookie would do the cooking, just until the baby comes. Jackson brings the monitor back into the room. I can't believe they don't use this moment to accidentally tell Jackson the sex of his baby. Lorelai says she's not really a party planner, but Sookie reminds her that she's planned many weddings and conventions for various groups of weirdos at the Independence Inn. Lorelai says she had a staff at the Inn, and resources. Bring back Michel! Sookie argues the logic of manpower and funds with the reasonable "Aw, come on. It'll be so much fun to work together!" Lorelai says she'll think about it, and asks how long she has to think about it. "About a week," Sookie says. Helen Thompson's son Aaron is having a birthday party, and asked Sookie to cater, so Sookie suggested Lorelai plan the party, and Helen thought it would be a fantastic idea. Sookie took the job. It's Thursday, so the party will be on Aaron's actual birthday. She says she can call and turn it down, but maybe they could try this one gig to see if Lorelai likes it. Jackson's voice comes over the monitor again, and Sookie gets up to find him so that he knows she can hear him. "Use the monitor!" Jackson wails. Sookie apologizes. Lorelai looks down.

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