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Back in the common room, Lorelai asks Rory when her first class is. "Oh, you know, soon," Rory answers. Lorelai asks if Rory's planning on rushing to her first class, getting there an hour early. Rory smiles and then says, "No." Lorelai teases her, saying she knows that Rory's planning to do just that, because Rory tried to do it every year she was growing up. Lorelai cites the example of the time Rory said that the teachers wanted to meet all of the parents before school started, so they got there at 6:30, only to find that the school wasn't even opened yet. There are times I wish my mom watched this show, and it's when they have lines like that -- describing stuff I used to pull -- when I think my mom would really enjoy it. Unfortunately, my mom doesn't understand The WB. She's only now realizing there's a network called FOX. Lorelai interrupts her lecture to sniff the room, looking suspicious. "My mother was here," she concludes. "I can feel it." Rory says that Emily has not been in her dorm room. Lorelai says she can smell it in the room: "It smells like guilt and Chanel No. 5." Rory says that Lorelai is wrong. Lorelai asks if Rory put the coffee table in that position. Rory didn't, but says she has three other roommates, and this is the common room, so one of them might have done it. Lorelai asks when her other roommate arrived. She looks genuinely surprised, because she's been there just as much as Rory has, and doesn't know how something slipped past her. Rory's roommate's name is Janet. "What's she like?" Lorelai asks. Rory takes a breath and looks up before she says, "She jogs." Lorelai flops her hand over dismissively, as that's explanation enough. Lorelai asks if Rory can smell the room. Rory says she'll get one cup of coffee with her before she heads to class. "I knew you were early," Lorelai says. Rory says she's not that early. Before heading out the door, Lorelai pokes her head in once again for one last sniff.

Rory arrives at her first class. I guess Yale's a smaller school than I had imagined, because this freshman class is just a conference table with about fifteen chairs around it. ["Seminar. Or -- as I gather they sometimes call them in the U.S. -- tutorial." -- Wing Chun] In this case, the chairs are all empty, because Rory's the first to arrive. But I never had a core class that didn't involve at least thirty other people, sometimes three hundred. Even my acting classes had eighty people in them for the first year. Rory takes a seat at a corner table, but then changes her mind, gets up, and moves to another seat. The other week, I was at a function where I didn't know anybody, but I took my boyfriend with me. He didn't know anybody, either, so he ended up watching me do my "I don't know anybody" dance, which involves me changing seats, looking around for where I'm "supposed to be," and freaking out about whether I should get some food, or if I'd lose my good seat, if that's even a good enough seat. "Are you okay?" he asked. "You're just watching my life when you're not around," I answered. "It's scary," he said. "I know," I agreed. In fact, I sometimes try three places on my couch before I start my recap. I just hate being early and picking a spot only to realize it's the wrong spot, but it's too late to move because people will think you're moving to avoid them or that you're snobby or whatever, so you're stuck in this place that has a glare or is too hot or you can't hear and you got there early enough that it didn't have to happen. Hm? You want me to recap Gilmore Girls instead of using you for a therapy session? Fine. If you insist. Rory pulls out her copy of Atonement, because she's go that kind of time before class. But she's too nervous and anxious to read. She stands up to move again, but the door opens, so she quickly plops back into her seat. Luckily, she's just been joined by a boy, so she has something to stare at. They both sit and stare at each other quietly. That's when either the instructor or the TA arrives to pass out the syllabi. "Freshmen," he laughs before leaving the room.

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