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Yale. Rory puts on a robe and wanders out into the mail hallway. I don't know why, since she has a bathroom in her suite. But whatever. She finds a naked boy sleeping on the floor of her hall. It's actually the naked boy she's been seeing all day. And he's right by the entrance, which apparently has no security whatsoever. Rory wakes him up using the tie of her robe. They say hello to each other. "I'm on the floor," he says. "I have no clothes on." He realizes he's on the wrong floor. He asks how long he's been there. Rory doesn't know. "Great," he says. "Now for the rest of my time at Yale I'm going to be The Naked Guy." He says that tomorrow, when the nickname starts spreading, he'll be on his third hour of throwing up. Rory says there's a chance that nobody but her has seen him, since it's been quiet out there. She promises not to tell anybody. She says that if he refrains from passing out naked in future parties, he might get a completely different nickname, like the Never Naked Guy. He goes to stand, but Rory -- who hates all things sexual -- turns around and gives him her robe. As he dresses, he asks if she was in his Japanese Fiction class today. She says she was. He says his name is Marty. She introduces herself, but he says he won't remember that tomorrow. He says he should try to find his room and his pants, since his keys are in said pants. "So pants first," Rory tells him. As Marty slumps up the stairs (no elevators?), he complains that he's officially proved himself to be stupider than his brother -- something he never thought would happen.

Emily's. Rory is leaning against her car, drinking coffee, when Lorelai pulls up in her Jeep. Rory says she's decided to confront Emily about butting out of her life. Lorelai sniffs Rory's thermos to make sure there's no booze in there. Rory drops the thermos inside her open car window, confident in her decision. Lorelai tells her to wait for the right moment. Rory says that the moment is here. It arrived in a big pink hat with feathers, screaming, "Notice me! I am here!"

Emily lets Lorelai and Rory into the house. She says that today's been a circus. She misplaced everything she needed, from her grocery list to her ticket for the shoe repair. Rory tells Emily she needs to talk to her. "Yes, Rory. What is it?" Emily asks. Rory can't seem to find the words, and in the silence that follows, Richard enters to announce that he's going into business with Digger Stiles. Richard says they're getting together later to hash out the details. Lorelai says she didn't know Richard was looking for a partner. Richard says he wasn't, but that Digger was looking to strike out with the best, and really screw over his father. He says he was intrigued and tickled to find out Digger's intentions: "What a wonderful world we live in that the son of my enemy hates his father and I benefit from it all. It's downright Elizabethan." Richard then laughs an evil chuckle. Emily is incredibly unamused when she finds out Digger's deepest desire is to bite the hand that has fed him his entire life. She thinks it's selfish and immature, and that Richard shouldn't go into business with Digger: "He's obviously very troubled." She doesn't understand that kind of thinking: "He does not deserve to be paid back for all his love and devotion like this." For some reason, Richard can't understand why Emily feels this way. Emily says she no longer wants to talk about it and leaves the room, saying she never liked that Digger. Richard follows her, bickering away. Lorelai looks at Rory and makes chicken sounds. "It wasn't the right moment," Rory says. Lorelai clucks some more. Rory says she didn't chicken out, but that it'll have to wait until Emily isn't so angry. More clucking until we fade to black.

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