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Lorelai pulls Sookie into the kitchen and asks where the food that doesn't taste like diapers would be. Sookie tells Lorelai that she's not stupid, and that she's the one who booked this gig, and who had the idea to cater in the first place. She pulls out a roasting pan and says, "Here is the children's food for the children's birthday party." It's macaroni and cheese. It's also green because Sookie has made it with a jalapeno-chipotle cream sauce. Lorelai says the kids won't eat that because it's green. Actually, they probably wouldn't eat it because of the jalapenos, but whatever. Sookie says they haven't even been offered it yet, and that once they try it they'll love it. Lorelai asks where the rest of the food is. Sookie says there isn't any more food because kids are small and don't need to eat much. Lorelai says they talked about this, and that there should be hot dogs and pizza puffs and chips and popcorn balls. Lorelai is yelling at Sookie, scolding her cooking. Then she scoffs when she sees the cake, which is covered in fruit. It's a rum raisin, tropical fruit ganache chocolate cake. Lorelai moans, grabs Cheech, and gives him a list of items to go out and purchase from, like, six different places. There's no way they're going to have the food ready in time, and I'm still not sure how Lorelai and Sookie are going to make any money off this gig, considering how much they've already spent. But once again we see Lorelai hand off her credit card. I'll bet this will be important later, because every episode has featured her using that piece of plastic to buy something expensive.

Sookie asks what Lorelai is doing. Lorelai starts going through the freezer, hoping there's something to tide the kids over for a little while. "I'm talking here!" Sookie yells, and Lorelai patronizes her, saying it's all going to be okay. Sookie says she knows it'll be fine, since she's been cooking all week long, made four different cakes before choosing this one, and is tired of Lorelai acting like she's an idiot: "You are supposed to plan the party and I'm supposed to do the cooking. That's the arrangement." Sookie says that the cake is incredible. "Not if you're an eight-year-old," Lorelai says. Sookie asks how she knows that. Lorelai says that she had an eight-year-old who knew other eight-year-olds, and that her taste right now is about the level of an eight-year-old's. Mine too. Sookie tells Lorelai that she can't just come in here and take over; that wasn't the arrangement. Sookie says that Lorelai is not the boss of her, and that they're supposed to be partners. She says she's a great chef, and that great chefs don't have kids decorate cupcakes. ["Dude, that's totally what I'm doing for my birthday this year." -- Wing Chun] A little girl walks in at this point and asks for a juice box. "Hey, we're talking here!" Sookie screams at her. Close-up on the little girl's face as her mouth points down and she starts to cry. Three episodes this season, and two of them have had this same shot. "Oh, yeah," Lorelai says, rushing to the fridge. "What's the matter with her?" Sookie asks. "Is she sick? Why is her mouth open?" Lorelai hands the little girl a juice box and talks to her about grape flavoring. I'm surprised she doesn't mention bikini waxes again, or perhaps dildos. The little girl, placated, goes back to join her friends. Sookie looks as scared as the little girl as Lorelai says that she didn't mean to take over like that. She felt a crisis coming on and snapped into crisis-solving mode. "I can't do this," Sookie says. She doesn't mean catering; she means parenting. Sookie says that she made that little girl make that face: "This is not right. This is all wrong. I don't want to be pregnant anymore!" Sookie storms out of the room. Lorelai asks if she's planning on walking it off.

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