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Paris ditches the annoying debate she's standing next to ("You let the guy who pumps your gas vote?" "Yes. That is what America is about." I love that the guy indignant about the gas-station voter is dressed exactly like a gas-station attendant.) Paris finds Rory in between the twins, who are now upset about a dream one of them had where everything they say about sunscreen was true. Paris tells Rory, "I don't think I'm having fun." Rory smiles that the night isn't over yet. Paris asks what's up with the Gabor sisters. Rory tells her that they are friends of Emily's. Paris complains that everybody has a group but her. Janet's got runner friends. Tana has all the John Nash types. Even Rory has her obligation friends, but Paris has nobody: "I'm stuck over there listening to a bad talk-radio session." Rory suggests that she and Paris kick everyone out and go to bed. Paris says she's just going to try harder: "I'm determined. Things are going to be different this year." A "drunk" boy walks over holding a full beer and says into Paris's face, "Hey! Here's my year." Paris runs past him and screams that the party is over and everybody has to leave immediately: "Take your gross beer and inane conversations somewhere else. Move!" Rory fake-complains that her roommate is kicking everybody out. Paris yells at the twins, "Hey! Bim and Bim! Up! Let's move. Now." Rory sort of apologizes, saying there's nothing she can do about her roommate.

Cut to the same plasma television Rory has, playing Lord of the Rings. But it's Aaron's birthday party. Wow, those kids are up crazy late on a school night, huh? And there's sunlight outside the windows, so I guess we're shifting around in time. Helen tells Lorelai that some of the kids are starting to get hungry, so they should get the food ready for the second the movie is over. Lorelai finds Sookie and tells her to put the food on. Sookie says she's already done that. She stirs the garlic aioli for the blanched vegetables. Lorelai asks where the kids' table is with the kid food. Sookie flirts with her salmon as a young girl walks in complaining that she's hungry. Sookie offers the girl some gravlax. Both the girl and me ask, "Some what?" ["Fish. Ick -- I wouldn't eat it either, and I'm a grown-up, sort of." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai anxiously asks where the kids' food would be. Sookie tells her to relax, and explains that, without the chafing dish, she couldn't put the food out just yet. The young girl tastes a carrot, hates it, and puts it back on the tray. Sookie asks why she would do that. "It tastes like diapers," the girl tells her. Sookie starts yelling at her to take it back, so Lorelai advises the girl to go back to the movie.

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