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Yale. Rory opens her common-room door to find Lorelai, who I'm guessing is still spending nights on Rory's extra mattress. Lorelai's carrying a box full of things and a rolled-up rug. Another throw rug? She asks, "Hey, you know what's so great about you going off to college?" "My new-found independence?" Rory asks. "Oh, no," Lorelai is quick to dismiss. I don't know what Rory's wearing, but I think it's a mistake offered by Clothestime. Lorelai says she likes the extra excuses to shop, like the purple, flowered rug she just bought that wouldn't go with her room, but would look great next to Rory's bed. They slowly amble over to Rory's room. Either they have Alexis in some weird shoes for this scene or she's trying out a new walk, because her hips keep swiveling from one extreme to the other like a little girl pretending to walk like a fancy lady.

In Rory's room, Lorelai says there's a matching beanbag chair that will be delivered next week. "I love it when you miss me," Rory whines. Lorelai unrolls the new rug. Rory thanks her. Lorelai goes into the care package and unpacks food from Sookie and Luke. Lorelai also brought Rory a copy of the Stars Hollow Gazette (Headline: "Famous Leaning Pine Breaks in Windstorm"). Rory, however, already has a subscription, making her the only person ever to have a subscription to the Stars Hollow Gazette. Rory says she didn't want to get cut off from the town. Lorelai asks Rory if she'd like to get some coffee before she heads back, but Rory says she can't because it's "Shopping Week." Not the fun kind of shopping that Lorelai's familiar with, either. In Yale's first week of school, you can try out as many classes as you want before you register for the semester. And Rory -- who must have that spell Hermione uses to be in three classes at once -- has picked out over fifty classes to audit this week. Rory brags that they all sound "completely amazing," and that she stayed up all night reading the class descriptions over and over. ["I did that in the summer before I registered in my first year. Every section in the calendar sounded great and I was all, 'I could major in Labour Studies! I could major in Film!' Then I ended up taking English and Comparative Literature, and by my second year, all the joy of learning was gone forever." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai: "You do know that if you weren't so pretty, you would have had the crap kicked out of you every day of your life." Rory asks Lorelai to walk her out. "Because you need the protection," Lorelai answers.

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