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The Bracebridge Dinner

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Richard tells Lorelai that everything is wonderful and beautiful and that she should be proud. "Thanks, Dad," Lorelai beams. Emily tells Lorelai that her dress needs pressing. "Thanks, Mom," Lorelai says, in the same tone of voice.

Lorelai sits next to Rory and tells her, "Your pod grandfather is still happy as a clam." Rory says she knew this dinner would be good for him.

Rune announces the "sprightly horns." Several horns play. Jess, Michel, and I all roll our eyes. Rune tells "Chuck Mangione" to "back up a step." Lorelai smiles to Rory and says, "And we're off!" Rune announces the Squire. The horns play again as Jackson walks up in a horrible wig. Suddenly, Stars Hollow is doing some bad dinner theater. The first course is brought out and Jackson announces it's butternut squash soup. Rune and Jackson do some banter that stalls the episode.

Luke and Jess complain about the "white stuff" in their soup. They pick off the green stuff.

MamaLane asks if nobody is going to say grace. Lane says that everybody said a silent grace. MamaLane leans over and asks the person across the table if she said grace. Babette just laughs, raises her glass, and says, "Good one!" MamaLane doesn't smile. Babette puts down her glass, nudges Morey, and leans down to say grace.

Kirk serves Rory and Lorelai soup. Lorelai tries to get Kirk to break his Old English character. He's not breaking at first, and Rory is rooting for Kirk to be stronger than Lorelai, but she eventually gets him to break by telling Rory that the I Love Lucy episodes where Lucy was in Europe were the best. Kirk breaks and shouts that the Hollywood ones were the best. Lorelai is victorious.

The silly antics are continuing. Jackson is full. Rune announces dessert. Clara asks CuteDean if she can eat her dessert "with the horses." I'm fixing to start a new phrase around my apartment. "She eats with the horses." Clara stands, and Bootsy asks her how many beers he's had. Clara tells him, "Seven."

Lorelai asks Paris how it's going. Paris says it's good, and thanks Lorelai for inviting her. She asks Lorelai if she noticed all of the anachronisms. "They were pretty blatant." The lighting, the watches, cubed ice, and most notably -- nylon. Lorelai says the floggings will be administered shortly.

Richard is holding court at his end of the table, entertaining everyone around with his hilarious antics of insurance tomfoolery. It has to do with Cher. Michel likes Cher. Richard thinks that Cher shouldn't be played in Prague. He says he hummed Mozart to the boomboxing hooligans blasting Cher. Richard says he hoped he'd get people to drop money at his feet. Emily adds that two people did drop money. "And I kept it!" Richard shouts. Then he makes the following noise: "Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" Who still says the "Bwa" part? I love it when he reverts back into Munster Mode. Cardigan Man says that Richard is the most interesting insurance man he's ever met. Richard says he agrees that insurance people are a dull lot, and that he's glad to be "rid" of them. Cardigan Man asks if Richard is retired. Richard stumbles on his answer as Emily says that he's not retired. "Actually, I am," Richard says quietly. Lorelai and Emily are stunned. So is Rory. Emily is still stunned as the music comes to an end and the commercials take over.

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