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"I guess I'm alone," Rory tells the sleigh driver. They take off and Jess jumps into her sleigh. He says she was breaking the rules by not having two people in her sleigh. He says he'll jump out if she doesn't want him there. She doesn't tell him to jump. She says she's mad he got into a fight with her boyfriend. Jess asks, "He's still your boyfriend?" Rory tells Jess to jump out of the sleigh. Jess says he doesn't know why CuteDean was getting involved in his fight anyway. He says he was fighting Chuck Presby because he's a "jerk." Rory agrees that Chuck is a jerk and suddenly Jess is forgiven again. Jess says that the entire town is weird and full of jerks. Rory asks why he's still there. Sad music plays as Jess explains that his mother doesn't want him. He says that Luke lied to him and he knows his mother didn't call. Jess points out how much he likes the snowwoman in the contest. He says it has the most personality. He says it looks like Björk. I can hear Omar scream, "Shout-Out!" from 1400 miles away. Rory says they were going for a Björk snowwoman, and that everybody thinks the one on the end is going to win because it's a sculpture. Jess says that it's overdone. Rory agrees. They smile at each other. Jess asks what Rory talks about with CuteDean. He asks if CuteDean knows Björk. "I played him some stuff," Rory says. Jess asks if they have a teacher-student thing going on. He says he's curious as to what they talk about. Rory says they talk about everything, lots of stuff, whatever. Jess says CuteDean just doesn't seem like Rory's type of guy. Rory says that he's exactly her type of guy. Jess drops it and says he doesn't know CuteDean very well. Rory repeats twice that he doesn't.

At the giant dinner table, Lorelai takes a picture of all of her guests. She then announces the Bracebridge Dinner. Sookie immediately runs in and says she needs a quick second. Lorelai stalls. Bootsy says something I won't recap. Miss Patty asks Lorelai who the Will Ferrell doppelganger is over by the serving tray. Lorelai points out that he's Claude and divorced. I can't believe Paris is sitting next to Miss Patty after being so rude to her just a couple of weeks ago. I'd imagine she and Cardigan Man would be talking up a storm by now. Lorelai promises to have Claude bathed, powdered, and sent to Miss Patty's room. Miss Patty is overjoyed and then depressed that it was just a joke.

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