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The Bracebridge Dinner

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Ye Olde Plote

In the kitchen Sookie is upset that something she's cooking doesn't taste ye olden enough. Lorelai walks in and shrieks when she sees "naked Rune." He's putting on his knickers, complaining that they won't go past his thighs. Lorelai asks why Rune is getting dressed in the kitchen. Rune says that all of the other rooms are full. Sookie says his pants are too small. Lorelai tells him that he can't reduce the size of his thighs quickly, so he needs to find some bigger pants. He hops off. Lorelai asks Sookie if everything is under control. Sookie says that her soup needs something kind of small, tart, white, and spicy. She then remembers that she's trying to think of salt. Lorelai is a bit concerned that Sookie has forgotten the word for "salt," but Sookie now seems very happy with herself and her cooking and salt. Lorelai tells one of the chefs to have the oxygen ready.

Back in the lobby, Lorelai sees Emily and Richard arrive. She immediately runs over to Rory and announces "The Joyless Luck Club." NO! Richard and Emily are beaming as they walk up and tell the girls they look lovely. Richard admires how the air is crisper up in Stars Hollow. Lorelai asks if Richard picked the wrong medicine bottle this morning. Emily tells Richard that Lorelai is joking. Richard beams up to his bedroom. Lorelai and Rory ask Emily why Richard's so happy. She says she doesn't know why, but he's been like this for two days now so she's going to take the credit. Emily leaves. Lorelai moans and says a hostess's job is never done. She walks off as if she hates whomever it is that just arrived. Rory turns around to see Jess staring at her. She turns back around and pants as we fade to commercial.

Rune is playing the recorder, for some reason, as the party is going in full force. Lorelai stops the party to make an announcement. She thanks everyone for coming to the dinner. Sookie looks nervous. Lorelai thanks the people that funded this party for getting snowed in so she could have a free party that other people paid tons of cash for. She's all "Me" and "my party" and "my friends" while Sookie stands next to her, as usual. Lorelai then announces the line of horse-drawn sleighs outside for everyone to get a ride. Jess and Luke are unhappy about the joyousness of sleigh rides. They wear matching pouty shirts. Even Paris is happy, standing near her soulmate, Cardigan Man. Lorelai tells everyone that it's two per sleigh. Jess tells Luke he's going to wait for the clog dancing.

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