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At the very quiet Friday dinner, Rory tries to get Lorelai to engage someone in a conversation. Lorelai asks Richard what their travel plans are for this Christmas. Last year they went to the Bahamas. Rory and Lorelai banter about the correct term for someone from the Bahamas. Emily says they don't have any plans this year. "Why not?" Rory asks. Emily makes a head motion toward Richard. Rory understands and quickly says that staying home for the holidays can be very nice. She says you can do fun things you normally don't do. Lorelai suggests they pull out the Slip 'N Slide. "We'll see," Richard answers. Emily agrees. Richard excuses himself from the table to make some calls, and asks Lorelai to say goodbye before she leaves. After Richard's left the room, Lorelai asks Emily how much longer this "awfulness" of work is going to loom over Richard. Emily says that he's so sensitive these days. Lorelai remembers another time when Richard was sensitive. He had gained weight and bought a new suit to cover the weight, but he still looked fat, and then she told him he looked fat, so it wasn't so much that he was being sensitive, but that she was being rude. Moving on.

Sookie is holding rehearsal at the Inn. She tells everyone that when they are around the guests, they must be in character, speaking in Old English. She barks at Kirk that he's driving her crazy. (Kirk is taking dictation into his laptop.) Sookie quizzes her actors and asks what the appropriate response would be if a guest asks how the food was coming. Rune answers, "Greetings!" Sookie scolds him for just reading the first thing on the list. Rune laughs and asks what color dress he'll be wearing while he talks this way. He says it's stupid. Jackson tells him to shut up and pay attention to Sookie. Kirk says that since they don't all share intimacies with Sookie, they don't all get the special attention he gets. Kirk points out that Sookie has already called Jackson "Peaches" three times. Rune asks if he can talk like an Old Man instead of in Old English. He barks for some kids to stay off his lawn. Hee. Sookie says that he can't do that. Lorelai stumbles in and announces that the Bracebridge group is snowed in, and that there won't be a dinner anymore. Sookie says she's going to cry. She says she's so mad and sad that she's "smad." Rune asks if his "pockets will if noteth get choked."

Luke's. Night. Sookie is still moaning about how much food she has. She moans that she diced pumpkins until her hands turned orange, and now she's got pumpkin hands. She asks Lorelai how she's staying so calm through all of this. Lorelai says that there's nothing they can do. Also, they already got the Bracebridge money, which is all Lorelai is really concerned about, anyway. Sookie says she could make up the dinner for the three of them. Rory says it'd be kind of sad and lonely all in that hotel. Lorelai says that it'd be just like The Shining but with Rune instead of Jack Nicholson. Luke walks over and asks if they need coffee. Sookie asks if Luke and Jess eat food. Lorelai tells Luke that Sookie is inviting them for dinner. Sookie wiggles and says it'll be fun. She asks if Luke likes peacock pie. Luke says he's 100% sure that he doesn't. Rory and Lorelai say it'll be fun, and that there will be decorations and food that he does like. As Luke ponders, Lorelai decides to not make it a special time with Luke, and instead to invite everyone they know. Rory adds that all of the guests could stay at the Inn. Lorelai says they could throw the biggest, baddest slumber party ever. She tells Luke to spread the word. Luke whines that he hasn't even said if he's coming yet and now he's got to be a messenger boy. Lorelai gives a small pout. He obeys. Rory giggles. Commercial.

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