Gilmore Girls
The Bracebridge Dinner

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Ye Olde Plote

Lorelai walks up to Rory and asks if they can go home now. Rory asks if they're going to come back and get their bags later, because she doesn't want to walk her bags home. "Who says we're walking?" Lorelai asks. The wrong Björk song starts up as Lorelai and Rory ride through the town in a sleigh. They see that someone has sabotaged the ringer snowman. "Guess who wins by default?" Lorelai beams. Why does their snowwoman get to win just because someone trashed the snowman that was the best? Why is Rory so happy that Jess trashed the other snowman? Why this Björk song? Dammit! Merry Christmas.

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Gilmore Girls




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