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Emily finds Richard in the lobby. He asks her to stay and talk to him. She sits and stares out. Richard says that his work frustration built to a point where he had to retire. He says he originally met with the CEO to discuss his problems and his unhappiness. He says he detailed all of his years, all the travelling he did and weekends he worked. The sacrifices he made to his home and family. Then he heard himself resign. He says the CEO was stunned. He enjoyed stunning the CEO. He says he left and couldn't believe what he had done. He was thrilled. Elated. The weight was off his chest and people were staring because he was smiling for the first time in a very long time. He was happy. "And you chose not to tell me. Your own wife," Emily says. Richard says he's been making her very unhappy lately with all of the engagements he's made her miss, and how he's been so sour all of the time, and he didn't want to disappoint her again. He knows that she likes order and lists, and that this wasn't something that goes well in a list. He jeopardized their future in one day. He didn't want to face disappointing her again by spoiling the plan around Christmas. He didn't want to fight or worry. He just wanted to keep being happy. He apologizes. He starts to make out a list of their finances. Emily watches him thinking through their money and falls in love with him all over again. She stops him and asks if they can go to bed. Richard sighs, smiles, and leads her to their bedroom.

In the morning, Bootsy gets the first line for some reason, asking if he really did play "Hotel California" on his stomach with spoons. I'm done recapping him.

Miss Patty thanks Lorelai for everything. She sees Claude in the light of day and is no longer interested because he's in Dockers.

Richard and Emily walk up all beaming. Lorelai says, "Hey, Mom! Didn't make it back to the room last night. Get lucky?" Emily asks Lorelai if she could be any cruder. Rory stops Lorelai a syllable before Lorelai says the word "laid." Richard hugs Rory and tells her that everything is okay. They leave and say they'll see them next Friday.

Jackson isn't feeling well this morning. Lorelai thanks him for being their Squire. Jackson asks if he played drums on his stomach to Bootsy's song. He did.

Clara thanks Rory. CuteDean thanks her as well. "Don't kiss," Clara insists. CuteDean doesn't kiss Rory. "Don't kiss," Clara says again. I hate CuteDean's new girlfriend. CuteDean wraps his hand around Clara's face and kisses Rory. These kids are so not dating. Staying in the same hotel all night and they don't sneak out to see each other? They don't even share a sleigh? Bullshit, y'all. CuteDean and Clara leave so that Rory can turn around and share a moment staring with Jess that CuteDean totally sees. Suddenly CuteDean's face looks very rat-like. I miss the old CuteDean.

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