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It's a wintry Stars Hollow as the town celebrates its annual Snowman Making contest. It's filled with contestants we've never seen before. This tiny town sure has lots of strangers. Lorelai and Rory are building a snowwoman with an alien face and a smirky mouth. Rory thinks that the mouth makes it look like their snowwoman had a stroke. I quickly feel bad for Alexis and Lauren, who have to wear snow clothes in Los Angeles. Rory is upset at a nearby contestant, who has sculpted his snowman into some kind of Dickens sculpture. Lorelai is unimpressed and thinks that snowman is way too "showy." The contestant smiles at Lorelai. She gives an evil glare back, smiles, and tells Rory that she hates that man with every fiber of her being. That's not very Lorelai-like, now, is it? Lorelai says that this man is clearly a ringer. Rory thinks that an elaborate setup with a ringer is highly unlikely, since the prize for this contest is a roll of new quarters. Rory says she wants to rent the Godfather III DVD so she can hear the audio commentary where Coppola defends casting Sofia. Rory complains that Paris is assigning homework for the paper over the break. They want to have the first issue after winter break to be a double issue. Lorelai asks if Paris ever sleeps. Rory says that Paris sometimes makes a whirring noise and then shuts down. Rory watches the guy next to them power buff his Dickens sculpture. Rory and Lorelai decide that even though they're Ernest Builds A Snowman compared to the "Michelangelo of Snow," they're going to stay focused and finish their snowgirl. Right on cue, the snow head falls off. They break to get coffee so that the quirky music can start up and we can fade to opening credits.

Independence Inn. Michel is helping someone on the phone as he watches Rune jump up and down on the other side of the room. Rune is trying to dust the top of a frame, and since he's so short, he must dust in spurts as he jumps high enough into the air. Michel eventually puts the caller on hold and walks over to Rune to tell him to stop jumping "like a Mexican bean." Rune says that Lorelai told him to clean the picture frames, and he doesn't see how there's any other way to clean the top of the frame. Michel pulls the picture down off of the wall and hands it to Rune. Rune says he didn't know that he could do that. Michel comments on how talented he is. They mention The Thomas Crown Affair until Lorelai awkwardly appears to tell them to stop bickering in the lobby. Rune asks Michel where they're allowed to bicker. Michel walks away.

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