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There's Something About Rory

Lorelai puts the chick back in the cage. Luke brings over a box containing a broken lamp. He starts carrying it out of the house. She says he doesn't need to do that. He says the stuff is sharp and wants to get it out of the way. Lorelai watches him leave and smiles.

Outside, Luke and CuteDean carry their trash to the same bin. They ask each other what they're doing there. "I'm looking for a chick," Luke says. "Yeah, me too," CuteDean laughs. Lorelai walks outside and sees CuteDean. Rory runs out to complain about the Jell-O and finds Luke and Lorelai. There is much stammering about dinner and broken lamps. CuteDean compliments Rory's cooking. Luke says he's going to leave. CuteDean says that he should go as well. They both take off. Lorelai and Rory keep talking to each other from their porches. Lorelai laughs and says she expects Rory to have her boyfriend over when she has a house to herself, but she wants to know about the apron. Rory says it's a long story. Lorelai asks if it involved a sharp blow to the head. Rory, realizing that she really can't explain that she likes being a kept woman, mumbles about getting back inside. Lorelai mentions that she will be teasing Rory about this for years to come. Rory runs back outside and says she can't find Apricot. Lorelai runs over to help find the kitten, declaring that they are not animal people.

Lorelai enters the Independence Inn kitchen to find Sookie and Michel arguing. Sookie says that Michel wants her to compromise her artistic and culinary values. Lorelai correctly guesses that Michel has asked for an egg-white omelet. He shows Lorelai what he got instead -- a three-egg omelet with goat cheese and other stuff. He says that he doesn't eat dairy or meat. Sookie says that she's a chef, and that her job is to make food that tastes good. Lorelai cheers while eating the omelet that Sookie does her job very well. "But I can't eat that and look like her," Michel whines. Oh, man. We're getting fat jokes and Stepford Rory? What kind of world is this? I wanna go back to the old Gilmoreland. Maybe Michel was saying he can't look like Lorelai if he eats that food, because he tells Lorelai that the food will kill her. Lorelai says they're all going to die sometime. Michel says that if Lorelai keeps eating that, she'll become "the balloon lady," and he'll have fun mocking her. Michel storms out. Lorelai reminds Sookie that she makes a good egg white omelet. "I know," Sookie giggles. Sookie asks Lorelai to ask her about her evening. She recaps the missing chick and the missing kitten and the antics with Luke, adding that Luke broke her lamp. They go on about Stella's being named for Jessica Tandy in Streetcar, and not Vivien Leigh. ["Which is odd, because Tandy and Leigh both played Blanche, and not Stella. But anyway." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai tells Sookie that Luke thought Lorelai wasn't really asking him over to help find a chick. Sookie agrees that it doesn't really sound like she's asking for help, but was just finding an excuse to invite him over for the evening. She says that the first time she asked Jackson over for a little sumin-sumin, she called him saying she had a bat in her attic. Lorelai says that Sookie does have a bat her attic. Sookie continues that Jackson came over and they both knew there wasn't really a bat in the attic, but they both pretended to look until they both pretended to give up and then they both went and drank lots of wine and got messy with each other. Sookie says that Luke probably thought Lorelai just wanted to see him, and didn't know how to ask. Sookie asks why Lorelai called Luke. Lorelai says that she needed help. Sookie asks why Lorelai didn't call her. Lorelai says she assumed Sookie would be with Jackson. Sookie asks why Lorelai didn't call Rory. Lorelai says that Rory would have been furious to find out that Stella was missing. Sookie asks why Lorelai didn't call Miss Patty, who raises chickens, or Andrew, who lives around the corner. Lorelai asks for the point. Sookie says the point is that Lorelai picked Luke out of all the people who could have come over to help her. Lorelai continues giving excuses, saying that Luke was on her mind because she had just been picking out paint samples with him. Sookie points out that painting the diner together was Lorelai's idea. Lorelai says that now suddenly she's trying to get any poor unsuspecting man into bed with her: "I'm like Michael Douglas!" Sookie apologizes and says that Luke is a nice man. Lorelai leaves.

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