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That Damn Donna Reed

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There's Something About Rory

Rory and CuteDean sit at opposite sides of the table eating dinner. She asks how the food is. He asks what he should say. She says he could say it's perfect. He says it's perfect. She asks how it really is. He says it's really perfect, and that the only other woman that's ever cooked for him is his mother, and this isn't really the same thing. Rory is grateful for that. Ugh. This reminds me of a past boyfriend who told me that all he wanted in life was for me to be home with dinner ready when he got home from work just like his mother did with his dad. His parents were high-school sweethearts and got married right out of school. When I offered that sometimes he'd have to make dinner if I had to work late, he laughed and said that "no wife of his" was going to be working. I said he should start saving up to repay me for all the cash I was spending on this dumb degree, then. He laughed and said that "it's cute" I was going to college, but that girls really only go to school to find a good husband. Yeah, we really didn't last much longer than that. Throw your hands up at me, girls. Rory tells CuteDean to save room for dessert. She runs to the fridge and pulls out two green Jello and Cool Whip sundaes. Ick. Rory moans and says she forgot to make rolls. CuteDean says it's okay. Rory slams the container on the table and says she's going to make them anyway. CuteDean stops her and says they really don't need any more food. Rory whines and says that Donna Reed wouldn't have forgotten the rolls, and that they'll make her turn in her pearls. CuteDean kisses her and says he'll kick anyone's butt that comes near the pearls. Oh, God. Can I get back to 2001, here? CuteDean tells Rory that he loved everything, but doesn't expect her to be Donna Reed and doesn't want her to be Donna Reed. ["See? So she made her point." -- Wing Chun] "I'm actually pretty happy with you," he says. Oh, thanks. I'm actually kinda sorta thankful that you kinda sorta like Rory, too. ["Oh, what do you want? He's seventeen!" -- Wing Chun] Rory says she thought this was lots of fun and she did some research on Donna Reed. She pulls out a stack of papers and says that not only did Donna do all of those milk-and-cookies things, but she was also an uncredited producer and director on the show, which made her one of the first women in television with power. Yeah, that almost saves this, but still really doesn't. ["We'll have to agree to disagree on this." -- Wing Chun] CuteDean patronizes, "Well, I'm glad this turned out to be a pretty positive experience for you." Run, Rory. Run! Run away! I don't care how cute he is. Rory says she'd do this again someday. But for now she's going to do the dishes. CuteDean offers to help. "Sorry. You're a man. You can't help for another fifteen years." CuteDean offers to do the "man's job" and take out the trash.

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Gilmore Girls




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