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There's Something About Rory

The phone rings at Babette's. It's CuteDean. He says he wasn't sure if Rory still wanted him to come over. Rory emphatically says that she doesn't want him over. She keeps saying she does until she realizes he's teasing her; he's right outside the house. Rory answers the door wearing a Donna Reed dress. CuteDean gives a "what the...?" Rory beams and says, "Honey! You're home!" It's kinda like the end of Grease, but without the sex. But still just as offensive. Unless she's doing it to Donna Reed him to death, but I don't think she is. I love that Babette had that dress in the house, though.

On this week's Popstars, we finally learn more lyrics to the opening theme song. Thank God. I'm so tired of humming, "Yeah-yeah-yeah. Uh-huh." all day long.

Rory asks CuteDean to say something. "Trick or treat?" he offers. Rory spins around and asks if he likes it. He says he does, and observes that the dress has as large circumference. She thanks him and invites him in. As CuteDean enters, he sees that the house is filled with candles. She takes his coat. "Interesting music," he says. "I'm glad you like it," she smiles. See, if I was doing this, by now I would have already taken off his shoes, sat him down for a foot rub, had his Scotch ready and asked him about his day. After all, that's what we were supposed to do. I'd make sure to never tell him anything but good things about my day and not look him directly in the eye. Then I'd go outside and find a good switch about the thickness of his thumb for the beatings later when I accidentally burn the casserole. But Rory's not making a point here. CuteDean asks what's on the table. They're appetizers; she's made them "for before dinner." He asks if they're ordering out or having pizza. She says she's made him dinner. CuteDean is pleased as punch about this. She's made him steak and mashed potatoes and green beans, and also made dessert. He asks what's going on. She says it's "Donna Reed night." They smile at each other. Uh. I kinda hate this. I wonder if Rory's prepared a sheet with a hole in it. And split the beds in two. ["I really think she did it to show him how annoying she'd be if all she cared about was getting his dinner on the table." -- Wing Chun]

Luke and Lorelai are still searching the house. Lorelai says that Stella must have gone under the chair through a hole in the floor. Luke says there isn't a hole in the floor. Lorelai says that Stella must have made a hole, gone through it, and then fixed the hole. Luke says that he doesn't want to meet this Uberchick. Lorelai asks Luke what he meant earlier when he said he couldn't believe she really did have a chick in the house. He says he thought she meant she had a chick in the house. Lorelai says she's pretty sure he didn't mean that. He asks not to talk about this and to just find the chick. Lorelai is about to bring up the subject again, but Luke spots the chick, flies through the air and breaks something off-camera. Oh, the comedy!

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