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There's Something About Rory

Rory walks into Lane's room and asks how Lane's studying going. Lane says that she's not only bad at Geometry -- she now knows that she won't become a biologist, a French translator, or a Civil-War buff. Rory says that just leaves "bass player for the Foo Fighters." Lane says she won't rule out keyboardist for the Siouxsie and the Banshees reunion tour just yet. Rory asks to borrow one of Lane's CDs -- "the weird one." Lane says that she'll need more detail to find it. Lane walks to a corner of her room and lifts up a floorboard. Inside is: "Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Pretty Boy Rock (Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, The Wallflowers, Bush)." Rory asks for the next one. Lane jumps over her bed to another floorboard: "New Wave, German Metal Bands, Broadway Soundtracks." Rory compliments the categorization and asks for the next list. Another corner has Jazz, Jazz Vocals, Classical, Country, Rockabilly. Still nothing. Lane remembers the miscellaneous section. Rory and Lane laugh over the William Shatner CD. Rory finds the one she wants (we don't find out what it is). Lane asks what Rory's up to. She says she's not sure yet.

Lorelai stumbles into the house and walks over to the empty birdcage. Cue the line: "Stella!" Lorelai keeps calling the bird, walking around the house talking to it. She tells the bird that it's not funny. Perhaps if Lorelai didn't keep talking, she'd be able to hear the bird, but Lorelai hasn't thought of that. So, what does this Donna Reed hater do when she can't find a chick in her living room? She calls her big strong man. She tells Luke that Stella got out, and that she doesn't know what to do to find her. She asks whether she should leave feed out on the floor or make sounds or pull a "Lucy Ricardo" and walk around like a chicken to make Stella think Lorelai's her mother. I guess while we're mentioning all weak '50s housewives we should mention Lucy. Luke asks who's on the phone. Lorelai asks who else would call this late asking for help finding a chick. She asks him to come over and help her. Luke stammers that he'll be right over. Lorelai hangs up and Luke gives a "so that's what the kids are calling it these days" sigh.

Luke's immediately over for the birdie call. He remarks at the state of Lorelai's house, and Lorelai points out places where the chick has been recently seen. Since the bird went through a stack of women's magazines and knocked over a bottle of nail polish, she can vouch that this bird is officially a girl bird. Luke remarks that he can't believe there really is a chick lost inside Lorelai's house. Lorelai sees the bird high-tailing it to the kitchen. Luke dashes and almost steps on the bird. He whines that the bird cut right in front of him.

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