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There's Something About Rory

Oh, man. Can this show get any cuter, people? Yes, it can. Here's how. A kitten. A tiny, orange kitten all meowing and being cute with the cute tail and the bushy face and the WHO'S THE CUTESY WOOTSY? WHO'S THE CUTESY KITTY-WITTY? WHO IS IT? WHO IS IT? A BUHDUHWUDHA! A BUHDUHWUDHA! Whoa. Sorry. I over-cuted. It's the cute kitten with the cute music and Babette's cute tiny house where everything is all short and perfect. Did I mention Cute? Rory feeds Apricot and goes over to the living-room sofa to study. She can't, and has to walk over to the phone and call CuteDean. That's the last Cute factor that was missing. He's not home, so she asks his parents to tell him that she called. Rory grabs her coat and walks out.

Lorelai asks Luke if he's ready to talk paint. He says he isn't. She says she thinks she's narrowed it down to one choice. It's shades of green that already match the place now, and orange for the trim. She starts to tell Luke what trim is, but he interrupts to say he knows. Luke stammers that he doesn't know about the fresh paint job, and Lorelai runs over to turn down the lights. Luke says that it's a diner, and that they won't have ambient lighting. Lorelai says that they should tackle one thing at a time, and asks him about the colour scheme again. He says he honestly has no idea, and asks if she likes it. She says she does. He says, "Okay." Immediately, a man walks into the diner and starts taking pictures. He says that the Town Council wanted to do a "Before" and "After" poster on the diner. Luke kicks him out. The photographer gets one last picture in before Luke locks the door and declares the diner closed.

Lorelai says that since Luke's going to have to take everything off the walls anyway, now might be a good time for him to decide what to keep and what to give away. Luke says that everything is staying. Lorelai tries to explain that Luke has a dancing plastic pork chop. Luke interrupts to say that everything stays. She adds that the pork chop is singing, "I lost my head over a good chop. You should too." Luke asserts that everything stays. Lorelai backs down. Luke says that the interior hasn't been painted since his father was alive, and that it's only been repainted once. He says that his dad really loved this place, and that Luke himself spent every minute he wasn't in school there. Lorelai asks why Luke opened a diner and didn't keep it a hardware store. Luke says that he didn't love the hardware business like his dad did, and that he knew how to cook and thought a diner would be fun. Lorelai teases him about how hard it is for him to say the word "fun." See, I like these two together much more than Lorelai and Max What's-His-Face. Good riddance to him. ["Seriously." -- Wing Chun] Lorelai says it's nice to be connected to your father, and wishes she had the same thing. Luke says that Lorelai does have the same thing -- with Rory. They already had this conversation in a car on the way to the hospital. Luke says he thinks there's still a spot on the wall where his dad once wrote down an order when he ran out of paper. He pretends he has a hard time remembering exactly where it is, but leads Lorelai right to a spot on the corner of the counter near the ground by the door. She starts reading off the list of hardware items; Luke finishes the list out loud, and admits that he's looked at it from time to time. Luke and Lorelai are now sitting on the floor together. They share a moment. He says that it's probably time for a little spruce. She says it is, but that they shouldn't spruce that particular spot. Luke says he'd like that. More quiet staring and the possibility of kissing until there is a commotion at the front door. Cardigan Man appears to have brought over the entire town council. Lorelai pulls Luke to the ground and tells him that if they stay there, the town council will leave. Luke and Lorelai watch Cardigan Man discussing the renovations while the photographer snaps more photographs; Lorelai and Luke laugh and watch them leave, after a moment. Luke and Lorelai are on their knees, with Luke's arms sort of around her waist as he thanks her. She says it's no big deal. They stare at each other again, and Lorelai says she should go home. They stand up and stammer. Lorelai leaves. Luke watches her go and drinks his beer.

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