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There's Something About Rory

Lorelai tells Rory that she's just about to leave the house and go over to Luke's, and asks whether Rory wants to come and watch them argue about paint colors until Luke is curled up on the floor bawling like a little girl who got her favorite Barbie head ripped off by the neighborhood bully. Rory reminds Lorelai that she's housesitting. Lorelai asks about the bird. Rory tells her that it's homework. Lorelai says that the bird is so cute and asks his name. "Case Study Number Twelve," Rory says. Lorelai asks if that's hyphenated. Rory says she doesn't want to get attached to her midterm. Lorelai says she'll name the bird, and decides on "Stanley." Rory says the chick is female. Lorelai changes it to "Stella," since Stella was married to Stanley, but the only reason people name animals Stella is so that when they get out they have to run down the street shouting, "Stella!" So, we know this bird is going to get out. Rory grumps that Lorelai can call the bird whatever she wants. Lorelai asks why Rory is in such a bad mood. Rory says she just had a long day. Lorelai invites Rory over to Luke's again. Rory says she's going to leave the chick at the house tonight so that the kitten doesn't get hold of it. Lorelai asks Rory again if she's okay. Rory says she just had a rough afternoon and that she'll fix it. Lorelai says to call her if Rory needs any tools. Rory leaves and Lorelai sweet-talks the bird.

Luke's. Lorelai is holding up paint samples and Luke is knocking them down. He helps the last of his customers with their bill. Lorelai keeps walking around the diner describing different looks they could give the place. Luke shoots all of them down. She sighs and daydreams about stenciling on the ceiling. Luke says no. Lorelai asks if he even knows what stenciling is. Luke asks if Martha Stewart stencils. Lorelai guiltily says she does. Luke vetoes the stenciling. Cardigan Man walks in with Kirk and tells him to ask Luke. Kirk is defensive, but makes a beeline over to Luke and says that Cardigan Man told him that Luke was thinking of painting the place. Lorelai smiles and says that he is. Kirk says he'd rather hear it from Luke, and tells Luke that he could change his mind, and that his decision doesn't have to be final. Luke says that it is, and that he's going to paint the diner. "Pay up," Cardigan Man says. Kirk hands over the money and pouts out of the store. Luke apologizes, but Kirk tells him it's a bit late for that. Cardigan Man stops at the door, fingers a paint sample of Lorelai's, and coos that he likes it. He leaves. Lorelai takes that paint sample down. ["I'd just like to add here that Djb thought this scene made it look like Kirk and Cardigan Man are a couple. I can see it." -- Wing Chun]

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